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RockinRobyn 2016-01-26 10:54pm

Help! Anyone programmed their very own controller?
Hi Everyone,

I am currently building my own kiln. So far all is going well but now I am stumped with making my very own controller. :sad:

I purchased a Omega CN8200 engineering temperature controller as it fit into my college student budget... And so far I am having a lot of problems programming it. If anyone has any experience reprogramming these controllers, and could lend some advice would be so much appreciated :)

Thanks in advance

AmorphousDesigns 2016-01-27 11:05am

do you have the manual? I found this, it might help.

LarryC 2016-01-27 4:13pm

Yes. Get the manual. In my experience the Omegas are not as intuitive as some of the others but still very manageable with the manual. Good solid controllers though.

flowman 2016-01-30 11:39am

Wow, I've been poking around, and I can't find anything on how to actually program the ramp and hold recipes on this controller. I've purchased two from Auber ( and had fairly good luck with them, so I thought I might be able to give you some tips, but I can't find anything on how the Omega recipes are set up. Can you return it? The Auber units are only about $50.

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