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jhamilton117 2013-06-13 11:54am

Rose didys and welder shade glass?
Hello everyone! :wave:
Question about Welders lenses,

I have rose didys and I know that they're for soft glass and not boro because of the brightness.

So question is, if I were to construct a blast shield using welders shade 5 lense, would that be sufficient for working with borosilicate while wearing the rose didy?

I posted this here to help me and any others who may or may not be working with sufficient eye protection. Thank you for your time and have a swell day! :waving: :poke: :hide:

shawnette 2013-06-13 12:18pm


Flass Maximus 2013-09-20 6:46am


Originally Posted by shawnette (Post 4340582)

And with that one resounding word, Two threads were bought to a close and my question answered.

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