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Eileen 2019-06-30 10:16am

2019 Bead Challenge signup, for Sept 2019
If you can participate, either individually, or as a studio, here is the sign up sheet.

PS. They say for the open studio question you can use N/A

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rainygrrl 2019-07-12 9:30am

Thanks Eileen! I'm in!

Eileen 2019-07-12 2:35pm


Dream Fire 2019-09-09 8:37pm

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San Antonio

Eileen 2019-09-09 8:44pm

I wish TX and FL were closer, I would love to go to your studio for it!

Dream Fire 2019-09-10 6:14am

I wish everyone could come. Texas is so big its hard to get even the Tx beadmakers together in one city.

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