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Al Miaco 2016-09-29 10:31pm

My first studio
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My first posting as well.

I converted an unused bedroom into my bead room.

I was making bracelets using glass beads I bought over the internet - or at local bead markets. But I found myself wanting more freedom to create the bracelets I wanted to make.

Tomorrow I will have been working at the flame for a month. I will post my first month's best beads tomorrow. Wish me luck :wave:

KJohn 2016-09-30 1:55am

The studio is beautiful! That must have taken a lot of work to set up. I look forward to seeing your beads :)

Speedslug 2016-09-30 4:16am

I have a seriously bad case of torch bench envy !

The crinkle duct work gives me concern because it slows down air flow so much but that is just my inner "safety guy" training head monkeys. I spent my last dozen years in the US Navy as a safety supervisor and it has me always picking things apart in my head.

Happy torching.

Croft Eeusk 2016-09-30 7:50am

Nice set up! You must be a hellaciously tidy & well organized person. Mine only looks that way if I've scraped it off ;)

Welcome to the addiction.

Phil, I have similar duct from the ice bucket/fume gatherer to the wall -but it's not as long a distance as this - then straight pipe from there to the fan & doesn't seem to slow down the flow.


jeepinwelch 2016-09-30 9:20am

Nice!!! Will you come and organize mine for me? I would love you forever. :lol:

Lorraine Chandler 2016-09-30 4:37pm

That is a very well thought out set up for a first time. Good Job and welcome to the forum!:waving: I would put a small fire extinguisher in reach somewhere though....

sangita 2016-09-30 7:48pm

I am so jealous!! But thrilled for you! WELL DONE!!!!

Speedslug 2016-10-01 5:18am

I keep my extinguisher on the other side of the room just about at the point where that picture would have been taken from.

I also have a gas shut off valve next to the extinguisher.

lampworker1 2016-10-01 1:40pm

Absolutely beautiful and inspiring.

Al Miaco 2016-10-07 3:12am

Thanks everyone for the kind words.

I'll have to think about the duct. Seems to pull air but I really couldn't say how much.

The fire extinguisher is at my left foot, away from any molten glass but within reach should things get too exciting. Unseen in the picture.

It is only tidy because I have just begun. Real messes need time. I am patient and feel confident I will be able to d-evolve.

Oanivin 2018-08-03 1:59am

Oh it's awesome!

Lisa Geurin 2019-03-02 1:13pm

I too have a spare bedroom turned into my studio. It has taken me a while to get everything set up and right now Im setting up my lampworking section. I had to take some time off from lampworking due to a family members illness. I am so ready to play with fire again.

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