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Solana 2006-08-08 10:55am

Post Pictures of your Shed-turned-Studio!
About a week ago, I posted a thread in the Bathroom asking whether or not I should purchase a specific type of shed to convert into a studio. After weighing everyone's thoughts and comments (thanks, by the way!), I've decided I'm going to take the leap and buy the shed! :) However, I plan on cutting back on some of the options I want to keep the price down.

One of the options I'm thinking about not purchasing is the exterior siding upgrade, which contains a house wrap (think Tyvek) to keep out moisture and/or insects. I know several of you have sheds that you've converted to studios, complete with insulation and drywall, and I was wondering how that was working for you guys. Especially in the summer, winter and "wet" periods. If you don't have a house wrap, do you experience any issues with moisture?

Also, please post pictures of your shed-studios!!! I'd love to see what others have done to finish (or not finish) the inside of their sheds.

Thanks in advance! :)

Beyond the Bead 2006-08-08 10:57pm

Hey Karla!
Congratulations and good luck with your "build"!

Mine isn't done yet, but we did a basic 8x8 kit (about $600) from a local hardware/home improvement store. You are in luck because they should be on sale now that summer stuff is going on clearance!! We dug out a 10x10 "pit" framed it in and filled it 6" deep with gravel. Pier blocks and 4x4 beams and then laid the floor that came with the kit. We added cement board to the floor and are putting in tile. I don't think we are going to insulate it, but will put a layer of pegboard on the inside. I promise to get pictures as it comes together!!

There is a whole thread in this section "OK, I admit it..."

Best wishes,

Janetlee 2006-08-09 6:50am

Good luck on your studio!!!!
Proud for you.
By the way are those two guy look like great " handy mans", are they for rent? Lol I need to get my studio finished.

Solana 2006-08-09 6:56am

Hi Michele! I definitely read through your shed thread (:)), and think it's great that your DH is building that for you. :) Mine's not handy at all, so I'll be building my own shed with my brother. :D

Anyway, I did check out the local hardware stores and the ones they had available were WAY too big (I currently have a 6x8' concrete slab), didn't have functioning windows, were extremely expensive or were just plain ugly. As such, I'm happy to pay a little more for the shed I want. :)

Has anyone finished the inside of their shed with insulation and drywall, who can speak to my initial question above?

Muchas gracias!

Beyond the Bead 2006-08-09 12:21pm

Me again!
Janet...Hee Hee! The cutest one (standing on the platform) is my DH! The platform went in back in May...and it took almost 2 months to get the roof on!

I'll post more pictures to my studio thread tonight. The kit we bought was an ugly little shed with no windows ($600). We added the two 3x2 windows - $75 each (and trim $10) and a nice shingled roof with vents (another $100). Most kits come unpainted so you can make it any color you want.

Sorry I got off topic on your original question! I was really pressing for insulation and hope to still get it!! DH thinks the kiln and torch will keep it warm enough even in the winter... Since it's 90+ right now, I think he forgets how cold it gets the other half of the year!!

Good Luck Karla! I'm sure you and your brother will have your studio built and running in no time!

FordGirlGoneBad 2006-08-10 8:37am

I would suggest that you insulate it -- just think, even if you do warm it up with your kiln, no insulation means it won't stay warm for long. And wouldn't you rather have to open a window to cool it down than not have anyway to get warm?

Summertime the shed would heat up from the sun as well -- so the insulation would help to keep it a bit cooler, unless you're running the kiln and torch -- just open all the windows and doors and let the heat out. As long as it's hotter outside than inside, the heat should find it's way out of the doors and windows.

For summer, maybe one of those floor model mobile air conditioning units would help -- but again, the insulation would help to keep the cold air in your shed and not seep outside.

Solana 2006-08-10 8:44am

Thanks Laurie! I plan on adding insulation to the shed, but I'm wondering if it would be okay to do that without having a house wrap between the siding and the insulation inside.

For instance, if it rains, will the insulation be okay with the moisture? The insulation won't get wet, per se, but it will still be subject to some humidity, moisture and etc from the cracks between the siding. The siding will interlock with each other, but it won't form a moisture seal from the inside.

I want to know if that's okay or if it'll cause problems in the future with my insulation and drywall.

Thanks again!


Kalera 2006-08-10 9:00am

Here's my shed remodel; we already had a shed in the back yard, it just needed some TLC. :) If you click on the thumbnails, you get more pics and explanations.

The funny thing is, I just did that last summer and this summer I moved into the garage. I guess the kids will get a really fancy playhouse!

FordGirlGoneBad 2006-08-10 10:28am

I would think that the Tyvek would be the best insulation - and they generally put a piece of plastic between the Tyvek and the wood to prevent moisture from building up and warping your wood. Adding insulation to the inside and drywall and I can't imagine anything that would be more insulated. Oh, since you said you are adding insulation - just remember to add the best you can at the roof/ceiling - if you don't insulate that, you might as well not insulated at all.

And -- I wouldn't use the same materials you would use on say an addition to your house -- 1/4 or 3/8" drywall instead of 1/2" drywall, maybe R-11 instead of R-13...R-30 in the ceiling though.

Just remember, if you skimp on the structure itself, you get what you pay for. Get the one you picked without windows and then go to one of those places that re-uses building supplies (I can't remember what they're called) and get some windows and put them in yourself. That way you get the size you want to let additional light in (the ones that come with are so small) and you save a little cash and are saving the environment through recycling!

Solana 2006-08-10 10:48am

Wow! Thanks you guys! :)

Laurie - Thanks for all of your wonderful tips! I don't plan on insulating the ceiling since that's where my ducting and exhaust fan will go. Plus, the ceiling will be made with cedar, which I'd hate to cover up. Hmmm....what to do....what to do?

Regarding windows, the kit will come with really nice ones that are large. They're a little pricey, but I think I have to order the windows with the kit in order for the wood to be pre-cut for windows. I'm not handy enough to do all of the cutting myself. :)

I'll ask the kit company though...I'd rather re-use building supplies if possible. :)

Beyond the Bead 2006-08-10 12:18pm

Me again!
O:) Sorry Karla, if my input is not what you are looking for, just tell me and I'll stay out of your thread! O:)

The whole reason we are not insulating my shed-studio is that my husband did not want to try and insulate the ceiling since there were 3 big vent holes to work around. And others are right...if you don't insulate the roof, what is the point of doing the sides! A small space heater should do it in the winter, and a fan in the summer (shouldn't need AC in a space that small).

Our temperatures are fairly mild here: high of 90's in the summer and lows of 40's in the winter. We get a rare day where it is 10 degrees higher or lower, but not often.

We did get the windows (and other materials) through a surplus recycling center. Every little bit helps!

Solana 2006-08-10 12:46pm


Originally Posted by Beyond the Bead
O:) Sorry Karla, if my input is not what you are looking for, just tell me and I'll stay out of your thread! O:)

LOL! You're too funny, Michelle! I welcome your input, so please keep posting! :D

Thanks for letting me know what you plan on doing with your insulation. That actually takes a huge pressure off my shoulders. Without the insulation, my shed will be totally made of cedar (which will smell great!). I'll just panel a few walls with cement board where the torch will be. Anyway, I won't have to worry about purchasing drywall, insulation, paint, nails, tape, mud, sandpaper, and so forth. It'll be really rustic and cozy! :)

I'll also have two huge vents in the shed (one for the exhaust fan), so I couldn't really finish the roof if I wanted to.

I already have a space heater I can use in the shed during the winter, but I may get a little window air conditioner unit for the summer. We're still in a heat wave in St. Louis (today's high was 100+), so I need something to keep me cool! I made beads in my garage last night, which was a "cool" 88 when compared to outside. I was still sweatin' like crazy!

Laurie L 2006-08-10 3:54pm


Originally Posted by SirWatson
Has anyone finished the inside of their shed with insulation and drywall, who can speak to my initial question above?

Muchas gracias!

Karla. The one item I would not skimp on is the TYVEK wrap, and plastic. If you are ever thinking of putting drywall or insulation in your shed over time you will get moisture and mold. Also wet insulation doesnt dry out. Wet drywall can cause health problems (for some) and eventually the drywall nails rust and your drywall turms rust red and cant be painted over. Looks ugly. My concern would be with the moisture and mold. Once fiberglass gets wet its got to be removed, same with drywall. A big expense.

In the end its your choice but at least you know what some of the cons are.


Solana 2006-08-11 6:06am

Thanks Laurie L! The other Laurie made a good point that unless I insulate the ceiling of my shed, there's no point in insulating the walls. I won't be able to insulate the ceiling since that is where I plan on hanging the ducting and exhaust fan. As such, I will most likely not finish the inside, which means I won't need to worry about the house wrap.

The space will be pretty small (6'x8'), so I should be able to keep warm in the winter with my torch and space heater and cool in the summer with a small window a/c.

If I do decide to finish the walls, then I'll definitely get the house wrap. :)

Thanks again! You guys are awesome!


Laurie L 2006-08-11 11:06am

Please post lots of pics when your studio is started. I am thinking I would love to do this but not sure of all the work and $$ I would have to spend. Plus its fun to see what others have. I rather doubt DH will "allow" me a shed. He rigged up the garage ( and that took long enough) and this way I am in the house with the kids - well attached to the house, but I know the kids are in the house and we have a security system so if they try to go out a door - I hear a buzzer ring. I have great heat, big windows and lots of ventalation. Just a smaller space that is not my own. Plus I need to be careful about leaving stuff lay around. The kids get into everything. LOL.

Have fun with planning and building your dream studio.

Solana 2006-08-11 12:34pm

I'll definitely post pics! I can't wait to order my shed and get started! I'll be ordering the week of the 21st, and will hopefully start building in September! Woo hoo! :)

FordGirlGoneBad 2006-08-13 10:04am

Even with your venting I wouldn't think it would be too difficult to insulate your ceiling. You'll just have to cut out around where the venting goes through the roof. Between insulation and either paneling or cement board, you should be ready for any winter cold or summer heat.

Janetlee 2006-08-14 12:57pm

Here is my shed turned studio . the outside of it and several pictures. Its a 12x16 "morgan" brand building made out of sheet metal. Its insulated,electricial ,and to be heated soon by heater.

Janetlee 2006-08-14 12:58pm

Don't know where pictures went. This is my first time to post pictures here . I'll try to figure out what I did.

Janetlee 2006-08-14 1:16pm

5 Attachment(s)
Here a few photos of my studio .Janet

Beyond the Bead 2006-08-14 1:34pm

Pictures Finally!
Yea Janet!
I've been waiting, not so patiently to see your wonderful little place in the world!!! ;)

For anyone that doesn't know...she did most all of this herself!! :grin:
What an amazing woman!

It looks exactly like what I pictured...except the trim needs to be white with black iron hinges...don't know why, that is just what I pictured!! #-o

I love the sheet metal desk area and great ventilation!! Love it!!!:grin:


Solana 2006-08-14 1:41pm

Oooh! Great pictures Janet! I LOVE it! So clean and cozy! :)

It looks like you finished about half of the that right? Did you insulate and finish your roof too?

Thanks for sharing your pictures, Janet!!!

Man...I so want to start working on my shed! :)

Janetlee 2006-08-14 2:28pm

Thanks Michelle, I appreciate it. It has taken a while but I did it!
Karla, I did the whole building. I have a place for my silverwork area, cutting area for silver, and storage area for glass, tumbling area for tumbler, torch area and place to put the jewelry together. The ceiling is made of used stockade fencing, I couldn't hold sheetrock up by myself. It was easier this way. And it being a barn style it kinda went with it.

My DH is disable and can only talk me thru it.He tries but health won't allow him to help much.

molldoll64 2006-08-20 3:29pm

Hi everyone, I'm extremely excited right now, because today we just did the first clearing of the spot in our yard for my studio shed :)
One important thing i thought i would point out (i didn't want to take the time to read ALL of the posts, so if its been said before please forgive me, but its important) is that drywall in a place where you going to be working iwth FIRE is essential, somthing like plywood would essentialy become a kindling pile if you were to have a small torch fire, etc. However drywall has about a one hour fire resistance, so a small fire would not be a problem. I also would recomend using somthing such as hardy plank (sp?) for the outside, because it is made of cement and glue, instead of sawdust and glue,making it virtually fire proof.
One more thing to add even more fire proofing would be to add horizontal beads through the framwork to stop an fire chanels that could occur in the wall.
Sorry about this rant, its just my 2 cents worth, my family has been having a LOT of dinner table conversations about this lately :)

Janetlee 2006-08-20 5:14pm

Karla when you make your torch area, may I suggest insulated the wall then sheetrock , then add Durarock or sometimes called Wonder board then your sheet metal. Dura rock is fire resistant its made of concrete and comes in large heavy sheets. I have it on my wall where I'm torching along with my torch table covered in it. You can even use this wonderboard on floors to fireproof them.
I used it on my torch area.
I then spray painted using a high high heat resistant black paint to paint my torch area back wall. The black helps me see my torch flame better.

Solana 2006-08-22 8:54am

Wow! Great tips you guys! Thanks!

Janet - I was planning to add cement board (which I think is the same thing as your wonderboard) around the torching area. I doubt I'll insulate and finish off the rest of the shed since I won't be insulating the ceiling. Truth be told, it probably isn't necessary since it's such a small space. :)

Leisabeads 2006-08-29 6:29pm

Here's my Studio Shed. It's a company called "Wooley Sheds". They are made of steel and insulated. There's an air-cond too. I will take some pictures of the inside after our storm passes, right now the inside is a pre-storm storage! I've had it for a few years and love it. Hurricane Wilma took some shingles of last year but it's steel underneath so it was only cosmetic.
It's probably stronger than my house! ~Leisa

Janetlee 2006-08-29 6:32pm

Love your shed/studio. Looks great cann't wait to see the inside.
Hope you will be o.k in storm. Keep you in my prayers.
Thanks for sharing.

Leisabeads 2006-08-29 6:40pm

Janet, yours is really cool too! They kind of have the same shape. The storm isn't looking too bad, thanks for the prayers :) ~Leisa

jazz's glass 2006-08-29 6:41pm

Liesa and Janet, I like both of your sheds. What are the sizes? I can't remember, Janet, if you mentioned the measurements.

Stay safe, Leisa.


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