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mikefrantz 2017-09-26 2:58pm

Mini Bash at Frantz Art Glass?
It has been too long since our last Bash!
Looking at early/mid August 2018
Smaller Bash
Perhaps Friday and Saturday
My friend Alexx Cheng is going to be involved.
Looking at having FREE 2 hour session with Alexx
Possibly having a class on Saturday (priced to make you smile)
Still considering all the possiblities

If you have comments, suggestions, ideas, thoughts, wishes and desires
for our next Bash, this is the place to make comments.

Since we do not have the back building, there will be no classes (other than Alexx)

We still have the area outside and would allow anyone to set up and sell whatever they want to sell, free space. Power provided, you bring the electrical cords.

Cannot cater with great food like in the past, but we will come up with something at a nominal cost. I might have a Taco Truck that we love and charges minimal amount for a plate full of food, or?

Still in the planning stages, so if you would like to attend let me know.
If you have ideas when we should do it, let me know.
If you know anyone that might like to put on a demo (for free) let me know.

If you want to camp out on Friday, let me know, I can make arrangements across the street in the park.

I will bring out all the leftover, misc glass, one of a kind items.

The glass Vault will be open, everything goes,
but not a "Going Out of Business!

We want to celebrate life
We want to celebrate glass
We want to share this joy with all our friends.

I hope this thread grows and grows, the more it grows the more likely another Bash is in the works.

Make this "Bash a Smash" or a "Smashing Bash"

Please post your YES or NO and any comments right here on this thread.

Thank you for your support over the years!

Mike Frantz

Elizabeth Beads 2017-09-26 7:46pm

I'd love to come. It sounds like so much fun.

queenofsheba52 2017-09-26 7:50pm

Mike, I'd love to come too! It would be my first Bash! That's far enough in the future for me to save up.


Mina 2017-09-26 10:23pm

I hope it is before school is in session so I can go

Cuttlefish 2017-09-27 1:06pm

Yayayayayayay! Bash time!

Diane (clarus) 2017-09-27 1:45pm

I will definitely be there!

Croft Eeusk 2017-09-27 6:35pm

OOoooo! I've been looking for another reason to go visit a friend in Seattle. This sounds like this would be a really good one ;)


SGA 2017-09-28 8:08am

YES!!!!! I've missed the previous bashes. I'd love it!!!

Sadie Mae 2017-09-28 3:23pm

Sounds like a plan!

Chocake 2017-09-29 7:52am

I wish... Maybe??

kandice 2017-09-29 11:15am

Yey!!! I would love to come to a bash at Frantz - they are always fun. :)

Annanewatit 2017-09-30 1:09pm

Yes!!! Ive heard about these bashes that happened before I got into lamp working. I'll be there with bells on!!!

SaraLeeBeads 2017-10-05 3:04am

Why do I have to live on the wrong coast?

swehner 2017-10-07 5:23pm

Would love to plan a trip out west!!! Would love to come!!

kimberly 2017-10-08 10:48am

If Frantz has a Bash - I will be there!!!

minchin3 2017-10-11 10:08am

I would love to attend!

della 2017-10-12 12:16am

I cannot contain my sheer joy!!! I don't care when you have it or where. REALLY REALLY looking forward to this. Oh rapture! I live in Renton, but I will gladly come down to help you all in any way you might need. Cannot even stand it!

(really Pam Spencer)
PS You Bash veterans be sure to dig out your Bash T-Shirts or will there perhaps be NEW ones, hmmmm?

myrdlebp 2017-10-17 11:19pm

Sure! That gives me a year!

And yeah, bringing it back AFTER I move my butt down to Cali! ;)

mikefrantz 2017-10-19 2:37pm

Mini Bash Dates Set!
Mark Friday the 10th and Saturday the 11th of August, 2018 for the "Frantz Mini Bash".

I have no more information at this time :waving:

Mike F.

Cuttlefish 2017-10-19 5:16pm

The date is marked!!! Woo hooooooooooooooooooooooo

della 2017-10-19 8:52pm

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yissss...Mike, please contact me if you need any help at all. I'll be there for sure.
Pam Spencer

Aurore 2017-10-29 10:01am

Yes yes !! I'll be there, been to two in the past .... Tacos sounds fantastic and put me down for RV camping!!

LoriB 2017-10-30 2:52pm

I will definitely come too!!

Carolyn Hipskind 2017-11-05 12:50pm

I'll be there for sure! How exciting!

artsyuno 2017-11-08 1:11am

I'd come and I love the taco truck idea.

Iwantonetoo 2017-11-09 2:32pm

I'd love to come, and I think a food truck is a great idea.

sgp 2017-11-10 5:35pm

Sounds great!

glassy ellen 2017-11-15 6:07pm

Count me in! It's been too long since the last one!

deb c 2017-11-15 8:05pm

Rats, I'll be demo'ing at AGI again :(

encantado 2017-11-22 1:00pm

Marking my calendar! I will be there!

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