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Lorraine Chandler 2008-09-30 5:10pm

Silvered stringer not just for ivories?
Does anyone make any other color of silvered stringer?
I have a few colors I want to try and I have found that here on LE, members have already done most everything I want to do with glass and usually much better than my "original" plan/ideas.#-o

So maybe someone has already used some other glass colors? I was thinking of some of the Messy colors..... and black??
Also has anyone used any 96 coe glass for making silvered stringers?



Please remember you might not get what someone else gets, some people have very different flame characteristics. It may take fussing with your flame to get what someone gets.
First grouping is Effetre, CiM, Vetrofond, and any other 104 you want me to add. Hopefully most are familiar with just the names but I will try to add numbers later to each color name. *** means 3 stars! Love that color Silvered. If we get some rave reviews about certain colors I will add 3 stars to them.

Blacks ( experiment )
Dirty Martini***
Stone Ground
Dark Brown
Red Brown
Copper Green
Alexandrite ( I am not sure if this is T or opaque, I will check it out.
Slate Blue
Fossil ***
Yellow Ochre
Sky Blue***
Avocado Marble odd Vetro 991
Fish Pink***
Silvered Coral on Hades***
Silvered Lapis

************************************************** ***********

French Vanilla
Golden Green
Desert Sand
Buttered Popcorn

This is what I have so far. Just post what works or doesn't for you and I will transfer that new info to this first page post. BIG THANK-YOU'S TO ALL THOSE THAT CONTRIBUTE!!

squid 2008-09-30 5:23pm

I have seen some really pretty silvered corals.

coyotesfamily 2008-09-30 5:24pm

ihave! it does change some colors ;) i have never tried any of the messy colors (don't have much of it) or the 96 colors (again dont ahve much of it)

beadworkstudio 2008-09-30 5:31pm

Silvered sage or avacado is pretty, too.

Lorraine Chandler 2008-09-30 5:42pm

See...I knew there would be some very pretty proven silvered colors out there but I hadn't thought of the corals...WOW!!
Sage and avocado on the list with corals...

Okay..I am making a list and will try some of the Messy colors tomorrow. I am eager to try the dirty martini and stone ground silvered. :waving:
Thank-you for the answers

one hot beader 2008-09-30 6:12pm

Silvered rubino does some lovely things too!

Lorraine Chandler 2008-09-30 6:56pm

Okay...sounds pretty. Silvered rubino goes on the list too. :biggrin:


GinnyHampton 2008-09-30 7:49pm

Silvered coral is one of my favorites!

It's super easy and fun to experiment with different colors instead of ivory :)

one hot beader 2008-09-30 9:05pm

Here's a link for the silvered rubino

crystalflipz 2008-09-30 9:11pm

Silvered EDP turns a warm orangy color - this is silvered EDP on black

This is silvered Vetro Coral on Hades encased

Messy Celadon is reactive with silver if you want to give that a try.

Lorraine Chandler 2008-09-30 9:22pm

Oh Dear! looks like I am going to need more silver foil....](*,)

So many great colors..I do love the black.


KathyDinBC 2008-09-30 9:24pm

I like silvered sage a lot and I also love silvered cobalt and silvered dark brown or red brown. I think silvered copper green is nice too, now that I think of it.

Veda's Beads 2008-09-30 9:26pm

hades does cool stuff with silver - I don't have any pics right now but I'm sure someone will.

crystalflipz 2008-09-30 9:52pm

OK, I can't help myself - Hades and silver is my absolute favorite glass reaction!

Hades with silvered Vetro Coral, reduced

Hades with silvered clear
The silver foil was wrapped around the stringer for these, not melted in

Hades is the only black I know that does this - I've tried Lauscha and Vetro and they do nothing.

Lorraine Chandler 2008-09-30 10:15pm

Cosmic Waltz looks like it has a million tiny points of light in it...BEAUTIFUL!!

I am torching tomorrow and am just hoping I have a lot of silver foil out there....hiding in my workbench.
I know I have the hades and I have lots of corals. Hmmmm I wonder about silvered hades on coral????

Maybe Lapis and khaki or maybe periwinkle oh my! I think I have stumbled onto the never ending silvered stringer story...\\:D/ What fun.

It seems to be as addictive as frits???

Thanks for all of the pics...I might have a few over the next few days before annealing..

Anymore out there?


afina 2008-10-01 9:14am

Silvered alexandrite. If you reduce it, it goes a little golden-ish.

Lorraine Chandler 2008-10-01 10:35pm

Terrific... alexandrite..Got it. Tore the studio apart today and couldn't find my silver foil ANYWHERE!!!:pout: I think I moved it to a safe place. Hummmph!

Will try again tomorrow..


theglasszone 2008-10-01 11:41pm


Originally Posted by GinnyHampton (Post 2104170)
Silvered coral is one of my favorites!
It's super easy and fun to experiment with different colors instead of ivory :)

Ack - who'd have thought!!! How gorgeous!!! I love this, Ginny! Love this thread - keep 'em coming!!!

After the interesting results I had with foiling a base Hades Bead then adding Poppy dots, I might try foilin Poppy and seeing what happens! Anyone else tried this yet?


Lorraine Chandler 2008-10-02 1:14pm

2 Attachment(s)
Okay De. Here ya go..;).

I finally found my silver foil!!! \\:D/

So I tried a new silvered stringer and here are two beads I used it on. I will do more tomorrow.

It is kinda rare because of the oddlot but I LOVE how it looks.

It is a silvered Avocado Marble stringer. Vetrofond oddlot # 991

I have a few more up my sleeve to try so maybe more pics tomorrow??!


theglasszone 2008-10-02 1:38pm

Yummie! Keep 'em coming!!! :)


NLC Beads 2008-10-02 3:49pm

The Vetro Slate Blue/Grey - sorry, I don't have pics right now - looks absolutely amazing when silvered... (You know, the oddlot that's going for high bucks now, not the normal greys. :lol:)

I like silver on white, but I haven't tried it as stringer, it turns a nice gold color.

bluecatbeads 2008-10-02 5:38pm

I did CIM Borodello which was stunning. I didn't care too much for the silvered electric ave. Silvered fossil was great too.

Sorry I don't have any pics but my favorite was the borodello silvered.

StellaBlue 2008-10-03 6:07pm

I love silvered coral - and love silvered CIM sangre even better. Try it on Effetre cool colors Fossil - it is FABULOUS.

mad hatter 2008-10-05 7:24am

I really like silvered yellow ocher myself.

Lorraine Chandler 2008-10-05 5:45pm

Ohhh some very nice ideas. Maybe I will try a DH color? Weird I know since they are full of silver but maybe it will do something unique??[-o<


amealer 2008-10-07 2:09pm


Originally Posted by mad hatter (Post 2113841)
I really like silvered yellow ocher myself.

Is that Moretti yellow ocher? I've done silvered coral on ivory...makes a nice combination. Got to try some of these others!


Donna T. 2008-10-20 7:05pm

1 Attachment(s)
This is a horrible picture but it's silvered EDP over coral and encased. I've learned since you can't encase EDP without cracking. I've kept this one for myself. The EDP turns a khaki color.

I've also silvered silver pink accidently instead of ivory. It turned the color of opal yellow. It would not spread like ivory though.

MelanieG 2008-10-21 6:47pm

After some reaction experimentation, I want to try (but haven't yet since I don't have any foil) silvered Effetre Grasshopper.

It doesn't seem to have the same reactions that other greens do (i.e. it seems to play nice with ivory but not with turquoise) so I'm wondering if it will do what coral does only with green instead of red.

SunDoorBeads 2008-10-21 8:22pm

I am so glad that I found this thread!!!! So many ideas and so many colors to try!!! I will give the grasshopper a try and post pics in a couple of days if my card reader gets here. I love all the eye candy keep it coming.

Moth 2008-10-21 8:34pm

Rachel turned me on to the silvered fossil and it really is divine.

I also like to silver plain old effetre orange...the opaque.


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