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Ellen Black 2008-08-08 6:09pm

Chainmaille ! Several Weaves
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Hi, FINISHED !!! 30 pages and over 100 photographs of step by step instructions.
It's up ! The cost is $16. Here is a link
One of the weaves included is Japanese Weave, with some variations.

Starting on 8/28, I'll have CD's available ALSO ! $21 includes shipping in the states. Maybe a slightly higher shipping rate outside the US. Just let me know the shipping address. Thanks, Ellen

Capri 2008-08-09 7:00am

Wow, those are beautiful:smile:
I've never made chainmaille before but love how it looks and would love to try it, does the tutorial have every step of the process, will there be lots of pictures?
Can a newbie to chainmaille make all these designs? Or are some more difficult than others?

ekkc 2008-08-09 7:04am

Ooooh...can't wait! Beautiful!

Chau Nguyen T 2008-08-09 7:27am

Since Virginia showed me how to handle my jewelry saw i love to make chainmaille now.
I'd love to have the sample of the 2nd weave from the left. How do you sell them? By each weave? It'll be like e-book? I'm not very good with this kind of computer book. I lost one pattern i bought from Eni a while back and i gave up on buying anything through computer.
Thanks in advance.

Ellen Black 2008-08-09 10:08am

Thank you........there will be alot of pictures. The patterns go from beginner to a little more advanced.

Can tell you it will be thru email at this time. Will consider sending on a disc.

dgg112 2008-08-09 1:49pm


Originally Posted by Ellen Black (Post 2002863)
Hi, I will have this ready for the beginning of the week. There will be instructions for 5 weaves. Just putting on the final touches. Will be back with an update and a link.

In the mean time, till it's all ready, I'd be happy to send you sample pages, just send me a pm with your email address. Ellen

no fair Ellen you've got 6 weaves in the picture!! Do I see a Jens Pinds or whatever it's called?? that's a booger to make!!! Or I should say to get started!!! lol

Heidi von Frozenfyre 2008-08-09 2:38pm

WOW that's beautiful!

DesertDreamer 2008-08-09 3:06pm

Would you mind naming the weaves, please? There's a few there I don't know, yet. :)

Ellen Black 2008-08-09 3:28pm

Thank you ! I have:

4 in 1
6 in 1
Full Persian
Japanese Weave, plus a couple variations with this one.

I plan to have more soon.

You are right, that is Jens Pen. And it's not one of my favorites to start.

The picture has some weave that I'll have soon too.

ekkc 2008-08-13 7:20pm

Ellen has done an amazing job with her tutorials (I was so lucky to get a sneak peek at a few! :love:) Her pictures are so clear and her directions so precise...I can't wait for the release! Chainmaille is a love of mine and Ellen has made it so easy to understand! Thanks Ellen! ((((hugs))))

debkauz 2008-08-13 7:55pm

Ellen if you can teach me to do Full Persian I'm paying for breakfast the next time. LOL I have this block...We don't even have to go to Walker Bros. hehehehe.

ekkc 2008-08-13 7:59pm

I know Deb...I am dying to try the full Persian! When's breakfast? I'll treat you both!

Ellen Black 2008-08-13 8:42pm

Thanks Kate ! Getting close. the file size too.

Deb, after the show next happy to go over it with you. Meantime, check out your email.

debkauz 2008-08-13 8:52pm

Maybe 2 breakfasts for that! LOL Kate, you're welcome to go to breakfast with us anytime!

Have fun at your show Ellen. You're beads are so yummy that I know you'll do well.

ekkc 2008-08-13 9:01pm

waaahhhh! I want to visit Chicago and have breakfast with Ellen and Deb! :smile:

Ellen Black 2008-08-13 9:09pm

your on Kate ! Would be fun!!!

Thanks Deb, Philadelphia show is coming up fast. Next week already.

Capri 2008-08-13 9:38pm

Oh boy, I've been waiting for this thread to get active again! I can't wait to try this and I like what I read up there:
'Her pictures are so clear and her directions so precise...I can't wait for the release!'
Me neither, that picture you put with your original post sucked me right in! It's gorgeous:love:

Ellen Black 2008-08-14 7:02pm

It's ready ! Here is a link

Thank you Terrie and Diane !

moonjewels! 2008-08-15 5:36am

Excellent tutorial!
Oh happy day, I was looking for something to create that was portable! This tutorial is astonishing Ellen, so well done and packed with information. The closeups make it look very do-able too, thank you so much for sharing!

ekkc 2008-08-15 6:22am

Ellen, this is fantastic! I am so excited and can't wait to get started. This is such a beautiful tutorial and the step-by-step pictures make it very easy to understand. Excellent job Ellen. Thanks so much! :love:

Ellen Black 2008-08-15 9:38am

Thank you MJ and Kate ! I appreciate it.

debkauz 2008-08-15 5:55pm

Ellen does great work and writes great instructions. I'd definitely recommend this if you are interested in learning chainmaille.

Anne Ricketts 2008-08-15 5:59pm

This is a great tutorial!! Ellen has done a wonderful job with it, great and clear pics and directions! I can't wait to get me some badly needed new cutters so I can get started! Thanks again Ellen!

ekkc 2008-08-15 7:44pm

I am in love with the Persian weave!! I knew the second I saw Ellen's pictures that I had been saving a vintage clasp for a long time for something special, and this was it! Ellen, your instructions and pictures are so clear and easy to follow. Anyone interesting in trying chainmaille should definitely give this a whirl! Next on my list....the 6 in 1!

mnoelker 2008-08-15 8:33pm

So glad I found this thread! I just bought Rocio's bead bending tools and have been looking for ideas on how to finish those beads into a bracelet. Can't wait to try my hand at this!

Ellen Black 2008-08-15 10:16pm

Thank you everyone ! Kate your bracelet is BEAUTIFUL !

debkauz 2008-08-16 6:26am

Kate that's gorgeous!!! See everyone! Maybe tomorrow I'll get the nerve to try Persian. Trust me, if Ellen can get it through my thick head (and I think the pics and descriptions did!) then she can do anything maillewise.

moonjewels! 2008-08-16 6:32am

Oh Kate!!! That bracelet has me inspired! What a beauty:love::love::love:
It's going to rain here for the next 2 days and I know what I'm going to be doing now! Thanks again Ellen, GREAT tutorial.

ekkc 2008-08-16 7:41am

Thanks Ellen, Deb and MJ. It was such fun to make last night. I am wearing it still because I can't get over how nice it feels (okay, I am a dork...I keep playing with it! :biggrin:) I can't wait to try the next one! I'd love to see everyone else's too!

mnoelker 2008-08-16 7:57am

It's great Ellen! Thanks so much!

Three Muses Glass 2008-08-16 6:52pm

I just ordered it. My first tutorial ordered! So far. LOL.

Ellen Black 2008-08-17 1:14pm

Thank you, glad you are enjoying it.

Here is a sample page, it's reduced, but gives an idea.

Sarabella 2008-08-18 4:56am

Great tutorial Ellen! The pictures are fabulous and make the instructions even clearer.
Good work!


Ellen Black 2008-08-18 11:54am

Thank you, glad you are happy with them. I appreciate it ! :smile:

Ellen Black 2008-08-26 8:11pm

Now available on cd. Thank you for your patience.

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