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hagstromartglass 2009-03-23 7:22pm

New Boro Opal and Fuming DVD...
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The second installment of my borosillicate bead and pendant series.

In this DVD tutorial I explain in depth how to get a virtual rainbow of colors from gold and silver fuming using Inside Out
tubing tricks to create the chaos cane.

This amazing fume cane can be used for a wide variety of effects and tricks.

You will also learn how to encase Gilson Opals so you can start using these beautiful little stones right away.

I also go over my method for using silver colors to make amazing intricate loops for your pendants.

I also demonstrate how to strike silver and gold fume to really bring out the spacey hues.

The piece in this DVD is made using both tubing and solid rod techniques. This tutorial is suited for beginners to advanced lampers.

Rose 2009-03-23 8:02pm

OH BOY!, rubbing hands together! Can't wait to try it :D

lysa 2009-03-30 3:19pm

I just watched your latest DVD. Once again, an excellent tutorial packed full of information! Can't wait to get to the studio and give it a try.

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