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chrissy 2008-09-26 11:42pm

Thanks Lydia,
It is so much fun to make them!

I made a nice pendant of the last bead, will make a pic later today

Ashtonjewels 2008-09-27 5:46am

Wonderul, Chrissy! I can't wait to see it! :-)

Margrieten 2008-10-02 10:09am


Originally Posted by suzanne (Post 2031985)
Not half as pretty as yours but so much fun to make! Thank you for sharing your wonderfull skills:)

How dare you to say that, they are gourgious!

pegz 2008-10-05 4:05pm

Just ordered it, can't wait.. Everyone's beads are lovely!

ukiacat 2008-10-16 11:14am

Thank you Lydia, for your tutorial. I had fun with this. I had to translate the colors to Bullseye Glass and it still worked out just fine. I hope to find ways to incorporate some of these techniques into my own style but here are the ones I made from the tutorial. When I hold them in my hand they look like "jewels".

LyndaJ 2008-10-16 2:19pm

Oooooh Jennifer, those are pretty. I've just gotten this tut and will need to do a "tranlation" to BE as well.

Goldfisch 2008-10-17 12:36am

Thanks Lydia fore the wonderful tutorials!!!
I have many fun with this technique.


Best wishes

EmbellishYourself 2008-10-17 10:59am

Conny those are beautiful, the first is my favorite!

Goldfisch 2008-10-17 1:54pm

Jenny, Thank you so much fore your nice comments :)

Best wishes

klcbeads 2008-10-20 1:03pm

Conny your beads are beautiful! I really like the last one!

Ashtonjewels 2008-10-24 4:27pm

WOW!! You guys are doing such fantastic work!!! Thanks for taking the time to post your beautiful pictures! =D>

framerak 2008-10-25 6:39am

Here's my first attempt, already posted in the S&T a few days ago. Used different colors than Lydia suggested since I didn't have all the suggested colors. Excuse the bad bead ends! This is CIM Dirty Martini and Rocio's Van Gogh for the flowers. Lydia, thank you for such a fabulous tutorial - very detailed and easy to follow!

cinders 2009-01-02 8:26pm

I bought your tutorial while on sale, what a beautiful job you did with it!!
Thanks, Cindy

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