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lavendar420 2009-10-07 1:33pm

Would you like a simple website solution?
I'm working out a biz plan to make simple, easy, template based websites for small businesses inexpensively. I know there's lots of things like that out there, but they all seem a bit complicated or expensive for very small businesses. Of course you get what you pay for - and a very inexpensive site wouldn't include much customization or a shopping cart, that kind of thing would have to be upgrades.

What would make this idea appealing to you? What do you like about your current web site solution? What do you hate?

Just gathering info at the moment, but small businesses such as crafters & local shops are what we'd like to target & I'd love some input.

Thanks, Andi

Teague 2009-10-07 4:52pm

That sounds like a great idea, can you give a range for the costs?

ginger2 2009-10-08 10:04am

Ditto what Teague said!

lavendar420 2009-10-11 9:53am

We're still in the scheming phase at the moment, checking out what exists & what we would do different. I'd like to keep a basic site really cheap, like $200ish, with upgrades for things like photo gallery, blog, store, custom design, etc.

dawnmarie4771 2010-01-02 4:53pm

Think this is a great idea!

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