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Flamework Jewelry Designs 2021-04-23 12:11pm

Looking for Peace
Does anyone know where I can find CIM Peace? Iíve checked all my regular glass suppliers (Ed Hoy, Nortel, FlameDame, Frantz, Howaco, etc.) and some I only just found out about (Cheeky Monkey), without success.

Iím looking for a pound or more, and I live just north of Toronto, Canada.

Can anyone help?


echeveria 2021-04-23 2:16pm

I believe I saw on Facebook that CIM is close to shipping out to distributors. If you can wait, it may be back in stock soon. I specifically saw Nortel mentioned too.

Flamework Jewelry Designs 2021-04-24 6:50am

Thanks, Kathy. So hard to wait!!

Jude Rose 2021-04-30 9:39pm

It's been driving me nuts waiting for that color. Was hoping by the end of April, but it looks like I'll just need to be a bit more patient.

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