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Magma 2021-10-20 3:46pm

Etching crystals Arrowsprings.
Hello everyone !!

Has anyone had any issues with the new etching crystals from Arrowsprings? their new batches of white crystals are not working well for me, they are not dissolving properly in boiling water when I dissolve a whole jar in one go as per the instructions, there is always an inch of crystals left at the bottom and they do not stay liquid once they go back to room temperature, they turn back into a solid/jelly which makes it unusable unless I heat it up again to work with it.

Also they just don't etch well, they remove the shine of a clear glass bead after 10 minutes but it's a soft satin look, not a proper etched look like before.

I've used their crystals for many years without any issues, they were always tan in colour but these new crystals are not the same.

Let me know if you have had the same experience with their new batch, thank you all for any feedback!! :) :)

KJohn 2021-10-20 8:09pm

Hi Regis. what you are describing now has always been my experience with the crystals LOL I found that sitting the jar in a pot of water that I have boiled really helped break it up.
I'm sorry you are having a problem, I wanted to try them again.

Magma 2021-10-20 11:04pm

Thanks for the message John, yes keeping the jar constantly in hot water while I work is what I do, but still the product does not etch well, it's very soft and needs 20 minutes to give a result which is not the best.

I'm just comparing to how the product was in the past, this is completely different now and the fact that it turns into a solid at room temperature makes it unusable.

I'm wondering if anyone else is having this issue. :)

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