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Algrium 2019-02-13 10:37pm

Bead Cleaning
Would an ultrasonic cleaner work at cleaning the bead release from Beads?

Locococo 2019-02-14 4:58am

No......if so, everybody would' ve one and bead cleaning tools wouldn't exist.

Elke :waving:

Lorraine Chandler 2019-02-14 10:14am

I think most all of us have tried it. Didn't work for me. I soak my beads overnight in a jar of very hot water with dish soap.

Most of the time they are all on the bottom of the jar in the morning and then I use the "beadreamer" to get the rest removed from the mandrel hole and make it sparkling clean.

Some are still hard to remove from the mandrels. I call my hubby, get the rubber glove and wrap it around the bead, sometimes I use a small thick piece of leather to wrap around the bead, then I grip the wrapped bead with pliers being careful with the amount of pressure. I just use enough to keep the wraps from slipping. Hubby holds the mandrel with a rubber glove and I lightly twist.

Cleaning the bead is a huge part of the making glass beads process. Get a cup of coffee or whatever and sit down with some tunes and inspect every bead as you clean. That way you have also done your due diligence for quality control, had a little zen time and beads are sparkling clean.\\:D/

There are lots and lots of hints, helps and tips in the tips and techniques sub forum. Sometimes I spend a couple of hours there just re reading to refresh my knowledge and give me some new ideas.

echeveria 2019-02-14 11:19am

We all wish it would work!!

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