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cbeads 2011-06-13 4:37pm

Classes on Long Island, NY?
Hi Everyone,
Does anyone have info on beginning classes in fusing or lampworking in Suffolk County Long Island, New York?

Thanks, Carolyn

mperaza 2011-06-15 9:40am

Wish I did Carolyn... I wouldn't mind coming there to teach a beginner class, I'm grew up in Suffolk!

LAJ 2011-06-15 10:10am

I wish LI had some classes too! :-( I took my 1st beginner class at the Art League in Huntington many years ago, but I don't think they offer them any more. Where in Suffolk are you Carolyn?

cbeads 2011-06-18 1:51pm

Thanks for your response. I am in upstate NY but my young friend lives on LI and seems really interested in finding a class. She lives in Centereach. I am so surprised that there are no classes out on the end of LI.

Studio 34 Creative Arts Center 2011-06-19 8:19am

Classes in Long Island
Come on up to Rochester! We get a lot of downstaters here for classes.
Studio 34 Creative Arts Center and Gallery

Ro 2011-06-20 8:00am

I teach lampworking on long island. deer park LIE exit 51. private or max 2 people.

paddypaws 2011-06-20 3:37pm

Glass fusing classes
Hi - I have not lived on LI for a couple of years but Seatuck Glass in Eastport used to do stained glass and glass fusing classes. There is a nice little bead shop down the street as well.

kranky 2017-11-30 1:28pm

I live in suffolk county and my husband and I have been trying to find lampworking classes closer to home. Do you still have classes?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Kranky:)

kranky 2017-11-30 1:30pm


Originally Posted by Ro (Post 3585596)
I teach lampworking on long island. deer park LIE exit 51. private or max 2 people.

Do you still teach classes on Long Island?

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