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Anne Londez 2012-02-02 8:48am

Anne Londez in Sars-Poterie, France March 26th-31th
I'll be teaching at the Musée-Atelier du Verre in Sars-Poterie for a full week from March, 26th to March 31th. Sars-Poterie is a little town in the North of France near the Belgian border, in an area where there was a flourishing glass industry in the 19th-early 20th century. The Musée-Atelier is a small but beautiful museum that showcases the best of contemporary glass and it has a splendid hot shop/cold shop/flamework studio where artists come from all over the world both to teach or to do several months residencies.

The class I'll be teaching is a longer, more elaborate version of the class I taught in Auckland and Sidney two years ago. We'll explore all the techniques that I use in my torch work with soft glass and learn how to combine them to produce sculptural beads. The aim is to encourage the students to broaden their horizon at the torch but also to learn all those little tips and tricks that will enable them to control soft glass and get it to do things that look impossible.

Among the techniques I'll be teaching you will find blowing bubbles using Venetian blowing canes, figurative off-mandrel sculpting, 3D flowers, off-mandrel rings and sculptural elements and how to incorporate them into your beads.

Registration info can be found here:

Don't hesitate to spread the word !

SaraSally 2012-02-02 9:53pm

That is so fab Anne. I wish I could take your class. The town sounds so sweet!

Anne Londez 2012-02-10 3:36am

Thanks Sara Sally, I am flattered :)

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