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elenahernburg 2018-10-30 2:12pm

Soul of the bead
New video guide series “Soul of the bead. A bead from start to finish”.

When looking at a bead, your eye tends to be attracted to the brightest elements, such as murrini or something like that. However, the background plays an equally important role - it unites the bead into a single whole. It is, you can say, "the soul of the bead". Because of that I choose this words as a title for this series of my tutorials.

The whole series is dedicated to creating beads with a rich interior pattern. This task sometimes causes difficulties even for experienced lampworker.
The videos show all stages of bead creation.

These tutorials are intended for those who work with COE 104 glass.

Tutorial doesn’t cover the process of murrini making.

BabetteC 2018-12-06 10:56am

Oh, this is exactly what I've been needing -

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