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Kevin7191975 2018-12-17 9:19am

Hooking up 2 oxy cons
I have a GTT Bobcat, with 1 5lpm invacare, and 1 5lpm air sep, when i run them by themself they are ok, but need more oxy for the pendants i want to do in boro, when i hook both up, its way too much it seems. The torchh just blows out. I tried to turn them down to 3lpm each, but toch blows out as soon as oxy is turned oneach line off the con goes to a tee and then to a single flame arrestor/checkvalve then, welding hose to , another check valve then torch.

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Three Muses Glass 2018-12-17 1:18pm

It sounds like the opposite may be happening, the gas is too strong pressure for the oxy. A flash back arrestor isn't needed with oxycons as the airflow isn't stong enough to open the valve (keep one on the propane line for sure!). There is no oxy under pressure (tanked) so one isn't needed for safety reasons, and another plus, it's a surface mix torch.
Having several check valves in the line probably is restricting the air flow as well. I'm not going to tell you to remove all the check valves, but I will tell you I have none on mine. I'm not expert in the matter, it's just worked for me for years.

This video may give you a bit of an idea. I use the plastic tees instead of a manifold, but you can see he has no check valves or arrestors.

Speedslug 2018-12-17 9:45pm

I will also add the idea to turn on your oxycons and let them run into the open torch for a few minutes before shutting off the oxy flow and opening the fuel valve to light the torch.
It could be that you are pushing room air out of your hose while the oxycons come up to highest purity.

Also oxycons tend to drop the purity level when maxed out so try not to run them over 4 LPM.
You can try to get to 4.5 LPM but you may wind up dropping the purity level from the mid 94% down into the mid 80% range.

If you are thinking of doing a lot in boro then you should probably be looking for some 10 LPM machines.

And don't forget to get boro safe eye protection.

And keep track of how much of your skin gets exposed to the intense light of boro.
It can leave sun burns on your face, hands and arms not to mention what it can do to your eyes.

Kevin7191975 2018-12-18 8:47pm

Thanks so much, i do have didymium glasses, i made my first pendant about an hour ago its sitting under fiber blanket overnight so I'm hoping No cracks

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Speedslug 2018-12-19 3:51pm

Please keep in mind that didymium is not enough of a filter for boro in the torch.

You need at lest welders shade 3 for small work done rarely and you will need at least shad 5 if you are going to work boro routinely.

Boro gives off a much more intensely bright light than soft glass and it radiate UV enough to give you a sun burn for your short time at the torch.
You may not get a sun burn on your hands, face and arms depending on how much melanin you have in your skin but your eyes do not have ANY melanin and your can do serious damage in short enough order that you may not know it until days afterward and it will be permanent damage to the only eyes you have.

ETA: Please forgive me for running off at the mouth on safety topics.
The last 12 years of my 17 years in the US Navy were spent as "the safety training guy" and I am afraid I have gotten it all ingrained into my very bones.
Somebody has to fill that position in each division and once you get saddle with the job it NEVER lets you go.
As you as you get to your next command every two years the first thing they do is stick you with it again.
It's like it's tattoo'd on your forehead or something.

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