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Kathrin-T 2021-05-08 12:33am

Lauscha Clear Soft - rods cracking in the flame?!
Good morning,
I bought 1/2 kilo of Lauscha clear soft recently and don't like it at all, because it is cracking in the flame and pieces flying around like bullits - although I slowly warmed it till glowing...

Does anyone have the same problem? Did I catch part of a bad batch maybe?

Any info is welcome.

Have a nice weekend - Kathrin

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ninachristine 2021-06-23 3:18am

Hello, this is my current problem as well. This are my first tries with Lauscha soft clear, but it also splits and cracks........:(

Flamework Jewelry Designs 2021-07-07 6:52am

I bought Lauscha clear last year, having heard people rave about it. I found it difficult to work with, and not nearly as clear as Zephyr or even Effetre Super Clear. I haven’t even used up what I bought of the Lauscha. Not impressed. Zephyr is expensive, but I’ve started buying seconds from Double Helix, which makes it affordable, and I don’t see any difference between the seconds and the regular Zephyr.

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