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Shawn T 2005-06-13 12:14pm

Minor, Bobcat or Piranha
Which would you Buy and why?

Please help some of or new members who are looking to switch from a HH to a larger torch and share your knowledge with them.

Tell us what you have why you like it why you don't and what you would buy if you had to do it all over again.


Mr. Smiley 2005-06-13 3:26pm

I would go with the Piranah. It's just more efficient with oxygen and man does it get HOT! I'm going with 5 cidas for the teaching studio. I would go with the piranah's if I wasn't going to teach some larger boro too. You can make a honking bead on the piranah, but for larger vessels and goblets, you need the flame size of the cuda. Just my 2 cents and I'm a GTT guy. I run a Mirage and love it... but it's an oxy hog and would happily work on a Beth any time. :-)

Teague 2005-06-13 4:55pm

Good to know. And oxygen is expensive right?

I just want to be able to make small things, maybe sculpturals. I don't think I'll be making vessels at home, there are a couple studios in town I could go into for that.


Shawn T 2005-06-13 5:24pm

Are you planning on working Boro at all?
Or are you focused on soft glass?
This information is very important in making a decision for picking your torch.

I love my minor and can do Sculpture work on it just fine, when using tanked Oxygen. Beads work great with my concentrator, which is much less expensive in the long run. But it is not for Boro.

P.S. my minor was 160.00 new. of course than you have hoses, regulators, tanks, gas, shut off values, quick disconnects, and other decisions to make.

Teague 2005-06-13 5:46pm

I don't have plans for Boro at this time. So I would be fine if whatever I get can do soft glass efficiently.


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