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blaqmor 2012-02-13 9:21pm

Creating a Water Spirit Bead tutorial
At last, I am very happy to announce that my Tutorial, "Creating a Water Spirit Bead" is published. This tutorial is debuting on Etsy on Monday, the 13th of February.

I hope that you enjoy the techniques showcased in this tutorial. I will be very interested in seeing your results with the use of it.

Please enjoy!


simvet02 2012-02-13 9:53pm

Having trouble with the purchase, it says it won't ship to the US.

MaryBeth 2012-02-13 10:06pm


Originally Posted by simvet02 (Post 3895961)
Having trouble with the purchase, it says it won't ship to the US.

Me too!

simvet02 2012-02-13 10:10pm

He needs to change the shipping to 'everywhere', it's limited to Canada right now.

simvet02 2012-02-13 10:11pm

I sent him a convo in Etsy.

MaryBeth 2012-02-13 11:23pm


Originally Posted by simvet02 (Post 3895983)
I sent him a convo in Etsy.

Thanks, Jan! He changed it - I got one - hope you did too:-D

blaqmor 2012-02-14 12:09am

Sorry about the confusion, everyone!

I think it should go smoothly now!


PerfectDeb 2012-02-14 3:36am

Yay! Thank you :D

GlassGalore 2012-02-14 5:55am

List more please!

doesdoes 2012-02-14 6:44am

What Lisa said [-o<


MaryBeth 2012-02-14 9:26am

Very nice tutorial! I'm hoping to get some time to try this soon!

blaqmor 2012-02-14 10:10am

Jenny and Lisa, I listed more this morning, good luck!:wave:

Thank you Mary Beth, I hope that you have fun with it!\\:D/

LisaF 2012-02-14 8:18pm

David, I just purchased the last tutorial in your etsy shop. You need to add more!

beauxartz 2012-02-15 10:08am

Thank you, David for a great tutorial. Your beads are just stunning!

blaqmor 2012-02-15 11:28am

Thank you Lisa, I posted more for last night, but it must have been placed in 'inactive listings'.:roll: There are more available this morning though.:-)

Thank you Dagmar!


LisaF 2012-02-15 1:04pm

The tutorial looks fantastic! I can hardly wait to use it!!

blaqmor 2012-02-15 2:42pm

Lisa, you will have fun with it, I promise!:smile:


Teena 2012-02-15 6:11pm

Hi david!
How exciting you made a tutorial !! I have purchased 3 of your wonderful beads in the past.
I wanted to ask, This is just soft glass right?

blaqmor 2012-02-15 8:47pm

Hello Teena, yes, we have met in the past.:wave: I am fond of your recent sets.
The tutorial uses soft glass!


LisaF 2012-02-16 12:55am

My first Spirit Bead is in the kiln. It was such a fun process and my fingers are crossed that it will look good in the morning!

blaqmor 2012-02-16 7:38am

Wow, good for you, Lisa! I can't wait to see it!

I await news from other folks that kindly purchased my 'Water Spirit" tutorial as well! Please post your results!

One of mine for encouragement,

Her name is 'Telphusa'


MarthaMaria 2012-02-17 1:48am

Thank you David, your tutorial is awesome,
Martha Maria

Teena 2012-02-17 3:08pm

I hope this is the right thread to show our Water Spirit beads?
Thanks David I love this tutorial.
I didn't make the shards as I'm not good at making them. :-(
This is De's rose murrinis.

LisaF 2012-02-17 4:57pm

Teena - It's beautiful!!

blaqmor 2012-02-18 10:20am

Lovely Teena, maybe I can help you with the shards:waving:

Thank you Martha Maria!


Teena 2012-02-18 3:49pm

Here's a set based on the Tutorial. I usually only make sets...
This tutorial has given me lots of ideas and inspiration!
Thanks David!

blaqmor 2012-02-18 7:05pm

Hello Teena:

Beautiful set, it is so pretty!

I am happy to hear that the tutorial is of use to you, I was hoping that the techniques would be useful for other projects as well=D>


GlassGalore 2012-02-19 7:45am

I am wondering how these beads look on a 'solid' background, when light cannot pass through them (as typical when worn). Any photos available to illustrate this?

blaqmor 2012-02-19 7:02pm

Lisa, I have never made one like this, so cannot report on it. I specialize on making beads with transparent colours, because I like the interaction between the layers of colour and the depth that results with this method. I think that it could be an interesting experiment though, you could skip some of the steps and try it!:idea:


GlassGalore 2012-02-19 7:24pm

David, no... I don't mean that the bead would be made any differently. I mean how does one of these beads look when it's being worn against the body (light entering but not exiting), as opposed to being photographed in a light box?

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