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sra-p96 2013-06-17 8:20am

Calling for Cane bead photos
Hi everyone.

I am working on a new set of E-book tutorials that focus on the beads and Effects that can be made with canework.

I am looking for photos of beads you made and especially and any beads you have made with my Cane Cookbook, (THANK YOU again Fishbulb for this Idea :))

you can just send in a photo and your name if you want its all optional :)

or if you really want to fill a page.

you can include any info you would like to send along (how you made the cane or tips you want to pass along, your notes on color, your technique )

Anything you would like posted with your photo or photos,

please include your webpage info or contact info that I can give you credit in the book and so your fans can find you and your amazing beads :)

Please send your photos as a PDF file at least 300dpi (or any size) to

right now I am looking at this being a set of short affordable Ebooks, but if there is enough interest then I will look into publishing as a set of affordable paperbacks :)

Thank you all so much :)

-Kimberly Persons

lampworker1 2013-10-19 2:40pm

I admire your creativity.

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