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mikefrantz 2015-02-28 11:31am

Beads of Courage Glass Donation
Our last shipment from Effetre arrived and on it is about 1,000 pounds of glass headed for beads of courage.

While I was at Effetre I noticed that when they started each days production of glass rods from machines, the first glass to come out is usually a bit bent, or a bit long, or a bit short, might have some contamination and this glass goes to the Glass Trash.

I asked them if they could allow me to have some glass to spread out to BOC and they said "yes"

We still have not opened all the boxes, but there is a good amount of glass plus there is 100 pounds of shorts of Effetre COOL COLORS from many years ago.

I will have more information next week to what we got and what we are shipping.

Thank You Effetre


Curly Irish Girl 2015-02-28 11:52am

Wonderful! Will stay posted!

glvz 2015-02-28 6:16pm

What a great idea! Thanks.


echeveria 2015-02-28 6:25pm


Eileen 2015-02-28 6:39pm

That is wonderful! I hope it turns into a huge amount of beads, and you've reminded me to send in what I have on Monday, so thanks twice!

PattyK 2015-03-01 5:47pm

Outstanding Mike! You are wonderful!

Cherri 2015-03-23 6:54am

What a great thing.. thank you Mike and Effetre.

chevygirl70 2015-03-25 8:17pm

OMG - Mike and Effetre - this is freakin' amazing - HOW GENEROUS!!!!!! XOXOXO

Pat 2015-03-26 10:01am

So will the people who make BOC beads just pay for shipping? That would be great.

ginger2 2015-03-27 1:15am

Is there any update about the BOC glass?

Pat 2015-05-28 9:03am

Wow this ball got dropped!!

Eileen 2015-05-28 9:26am

I was assuming it would be made available for BOC "event" sessions, like maybe guild meetings where everyone makes BOC beads all day, etc. or the once a year thing they hold in various studios (that I can't recall what they call it :( )

LisaSt.Martin 2015-06-18 6:27am

Hey Mikey!

Our chapters out in the Mid Atlantic Region are getting ready for serious Beads of Courage bead making.....

We would love some great glass for The Cause.

What's the status

Hugs to you and Pat


RSimmons 2015-06-18 11:54am

I'll check into the status of this and let you know what's happened to it.


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