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mikefrantz 2019-07-26 9:39am

Frantz Bash
I have 15 days left to prepare for the BASH.
Over 200 have signed up to come to the BASH
I am working on Mike's Vault, you will find vault glass in the display case next to the store cashier.

We are still finding EDP, Vetrofond Rubino, and lots of old tonalities that we sold out of, but still have a pound or a 1/4 pound of, and sometimes just a few rods.

Vault Glass will not be for sale until Saturday
Glass Buffet is open Friday and Saturday
The store is stocked with plenty of glass and ........
Always some surprises.

The Menu for Saturday will be assorted pizza and salad.
Snacks provided on Friday

The Demo's are looking great, the store is coming together and we may even have some entertainment.

We will be having offering glass in the Glass Buffet that ranges in retail price from $10 to $50 per pound, and all of it will be going for the unbelievable price of $3.99 per pound. And we have hundreds and hundreds of pounds at this price.

No Free Shipping to our store customers this BASH.
The Glass Buffet will not be offered on our website, so you gotta be here to take advantage of the great price.

I promise, no rain on BASH day!

Hope to see you here.


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