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deb c 2020-01-23 12:22pm

Glass Craft Exp- Las Vegas! April 1-5th!
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AQUATIC IMMERSION, JUST DIVE IN! Boro and soft glass marine vignettes!! (HG-TH-60-A&B) GLASS CRAFT EXPO, LAS VEGAS, APRIL 2020 with deb crowley!
In this 2 day class, we will learn to create sculptural marine vignettes in the flame that look realistic! We will start with deb's famous lifelike soft glass fish on mandrels on day one, learning how to keep all those fins and tails HOT! Day 2 we use borosilicate glass to create the marine flora, such as kelp, coral, sponges and more! Then we will make starfish and nudibranches and it will all be fitted to your own display wood burl, coral or driftwood base. All pieces can be rearranged, a fun, interactive piece! Plus the individual boro pieces can be easily repaired if needed! Deb shares the secrets to her lifelike vignettes, we discuss how to best execute each component with her favorite books and dive cards as references! Take that next step in your glass journey, just dive in!

Tanya415 2020-07-16 5:51pm

It appears https// is not refunding money for classes not held for this years expo that was ‘postponed’ because of the pandemic.

I suggest to anyone who has registered to do a chargeback.

The hospitality industry won’t be the same because of COVID-19 and https// is using your money to stay afloat. Currently Nevada allows groups of 50 to gather but because Nevada is a hotspot for COVID-19 states like New York require a 15 day quarantine if you visit Nevada.

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