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Tina Whitton 2019-01-24 5:13pm

Working with no ventilation
Hi all... I have a question and feel really really dumb. I know better,but really enjoy lampworking that i actually NEED someone/people who know to give it to me straight. I was lampworking today, in a friends garage.. no ventilation .... working AIOS double helix.( just saying this as its such a silver laden glass) and did some fine silver stringer on the beads. I was only there 2 hours but noticed a bit of heaviness ( ?) irritation cant really explain the feeling in my chest as well as a bit of a metallic taste in my mouth... ok.. i know better, i really know better, but this person is a friend that i torch with.. and don’t want to hurt their feelings if i dont’’ go back there anymore to torch. I only go once every 2 weeks, for 2 hours. Used to be more regular last year, but have toned it down a bit... i just need some one who knows to say. .” You’re an idiot if you keep doing this and risking your health”...i know i just did that, but i don’t take my own advice... no hurt feelings here.. promise!!!!!! :hide:

Eileen 2019-01-24 5:17pm

I answered on the other post :D

Sue in Maine 2019-01-26 4:40pm

You only get one set of lungs- unless you are really lucky and get a set to replace ones that have been destroyed- but to destroy them yourself? Not a good thing.

You owe it to your friend to explain this, including how much you respect this friend. You can blame your own sensitive lungs for picking up on the issue...

My advice- worth what you paid for it.


Tina Whitton 2019-01-26 9:09pm

Thank you sue!!! I think that is great advice and i will be seeing them tomorrow and plan on explaining that exact thing.... sage advice. Thank you! Xx

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