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vetropod 2013-03-27 11:03am

Wesley Fleming, July at The Studio at Corning Museum of Glass
Hi Everyone,

I wanted to let you know that if you want the FULL experience of upstate New York, I'll be teaching a week-long workshop at Corning which ends a week and a half before this summer's Gathering in Rochester. That gives you time to go see Niagara Falls, explore the Gorges at Ithaca, and even get over to the Adirondacks for some hiking before you're hunkered down in a conference center for several days :D

The class will be focused on "off-mandrel" soft-glass sculpting, I'll be passing along the techniques which I learned from Lucio Bubacco and Vittorio Costantini when I studied on Murano in 2005, and which I've honed my skills on for the past 8 years!

The workshop is July 8-13. Here is the link to more information:

I hope to see you there!

vetropod 2013-05-24 8:54am

I'm excited to announce that Peter Muller will be assisting me for this week-long workshop at Corning!

Peter brings blown glass and functional experience, both in the hotshop as well as at the torch, to the workshop. Here is an example of a piece we recently collaborated on:


I look forward to seeing you there! :grin:

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