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vetropod 2014-03-26 7:22am

Wesley Fleming, June 2014 at Corning
Hey Everyone,

If you've been wanting to push your sculptural skills, I'm teaching a WEEK-LONG class at Corning Museum of Glass this coming June.

Not only will I be teaching how to make the insects and birds you typically see from me, but also we will be doing a project on making vignetts - the more complicated, assembled forms I've been posting lately. Additionally, we'll be checking out work by the Blaschkas from the Museum and Library and taking inspiration from that.

AND FURTHER, if we get enough people signed up soon enough, JUPITER NIELSEN will be TA'ing for the class to help with the borosilicate end of things. Sign up now so we can get Jupiter locked in for TA!

The workshop is June 9-14, 2014. Here is the link to more information:

Hope to see you there!

vetropod 2014-04-25 6:58am

Just a quick update - Jupiter Nielsen is now booked to fly out and TA for the class, so you'll get expert knowledge for BOTH soft glass AND borosilicate sculpture!

Class info link:

Here is a piece of Jupiter's work, made of borosilicate glass:

Eileen 2014-04-25 7:19am

I'm just sitting here amazed, what beautiful work from both of you!

vetropod 2014-05-03 12:43pm

Thanks Eileen! :-)

beadbroad 2014-05-04 7:12am

Omg, a leafy sea dragon! Epic.

bshelle 2014-05-09 11:15am

I wish so bad!!

vetropod 2014-05-12 8:10am

Shelley, there are still a couple seats left ;) This class is going to be EPIC!!!

PS - I wanted to let everyone know that I'm organizing a field trip to Corning's OFF-SITE storage facility to see all of the Blaschka ephemera - their work bench, colorants, tools, broken pieces, etc.

Here's a cheesy photo of their workbench for you: 2014-05-12 9:05am

Why oh why couldn't this be the first week in August.. Being a teacher bites at times like this!


bshelle 2014-05-13 8:24am

Oh cool, that offsite trip would be so awesome! I wish I had the funds!

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