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knittyditty 2016-03-07 4:16pm

bicone shape help....
I've been trying to do some simple bicones....I've read and watched the videos..."slant the marver, blah blah blah"

It's just not happening. My sides are uneven. Help?!?

What about the Cattwalk bicone shaper? Any thoughts, opinions for a newbie?
Does it really help? I have the tube shaper and really like it, so I thought the bicone would be helpful....


Chocake 2016-03-07 4:19pm

I can't ever get mine straight either. My CGBeads roller is a life saver!

5betsy 2016-03-07 5:05pm

Sorry to say but it's practice.

lenora 2016-03-07 5:38pm

I would get it as close as possible and then perfect it with a CG beadroller. Then you're still improving your skills.

shawnette 2016-03-07 7:28pm

The Kim Cone and Vessel Shaper from Arrow Springs is the best $$ I've ever spent on a marver. I still use it, 10 years later and not just for bicones.

Croft Eeusk 2016-03-08 8:10am

Agree - there are tools out there that will help tremendously, but it will still take practice to use them correctly. I like rollers or shapers better than presses because I find them easier to use.

And welcome to the addiction!


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