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bepnewt 2016-03-10 6:21pm

Where to visit in Kansas City?
We are heading to KC this weekend. Are there any places that you would recommend us visiting dealing with Glass?

Places that sell glass ( raw or art ), hot shops, lampwork studios, stained glass, etc.


Vicki Gough 2016-03-10 6:28pm

Moon Marble Factory is just West of KC

kansassky 2016-03-11 9:35am


Moon Marble is a fun excursion! Not a place to necessarily BUY glass, but they have marbles to buy, a marble-making machine, a live marble-maker/Lampwork demo, lots of toys and games, and plenty to see!!!!

FWIW, There are LOTS of really cool, large and small museums in KC!!! If you are interested, let me know. I can list some for you!

isaberg 2016-03-12 8:16pm

Moon Marble does have some lamworking/marble supplies, though they're hard to find and you might need to ask.

bepnewt 2016-03-15 9:44am

Thanks for the input folks.


shawnette 2016-03-15 3:09pm

And when you get hungry, LC's is the BIZnass!!!

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