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battymaddy 2016-05-20 3:43pm

Yin-Yang Murrini Question
Could anyone help me figure out how to make a yin-yang murrini. Is there an existing tutorial free or paid or could someone here help walk me through the steps? I've only done free handed pinwheels and stars using a mold. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

shawnette 2016-06-09 7:30am

m**2 2016-06-11 8:26am

Another bit of help
I think the picture in this thread may help.

Basically, take a white rod and coat with black.

Take a black rod and coat with white.

Weld them together.

Fill one side of the circle with white. and the other with black.

I would garage the first rod in my kiln while I made the second one.

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