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Iwantonetoo 2018-04-10 5:37pm

Yes a spray insulation underneath which will be sealed off as soon as all of the plumbing is run.

The ceiling has traditional ceiling insulation. The walls have recycled denim.

Hit holds temperature pretty steady right now which surprised us but we are installing a mini heat pump for Heat and air.

Iwantonetoo 2019-06-04 2:48pm

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Itís been a while since I ve updated this. We have been working on the house too.

Itís got new siding(still primer color), new roof, and Hubby is almost finished with the porch, and it looks great!

ESC 2019-06-06 4:01pm

Sheri, it's looking great!

KJohn 2019-06-06 7:01pm

Looking wonderful, would love to see the inside. Are you using it yet?

Lorraine Chandler 2019-06-07 10:57am

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I hope you don't mind I turned it in photoshop. It is fantastic! Great job!Attachment 171616

Iwantonetoo 2019-06-17 7:37am

No , not at all!

Eileen 2019-06-17 11:26am

I love the porch addition. I wanted a porch but it didn't happen when we ordered the shed. Now I am thinking maybe I could make it happen as an andd on, so thanks!

Iwantonetoo 2020-06-02 2:28pm

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Itís been a while since Iíve updated! Iíll take some inside photos soon. Still have plywood for countertop but definitely use the space!

KJohn 2020-06-02 3:47pm

yes more pics definitely. I love that little dog, awwwww

Iwantonetoo 2020-06-02 5:11pm

In my sideways picture, you can see a bag from the census on the door! They must have thought this was a house! ( it had an address from a different road inside the packet)

Speedslug 2020-06-02 9:43pm

If it has a bathroom I would move in tomorrow.

ESC 2020-06-03 2:57pm

Nice! I agree with Phill

KJohn 2020-06-03 4:55pm

is there a bathroom? Or just a kitchen? I'm sure you are enjoying it

Speedslug 2020-06-03 5:39pm

A bathroom and a convection microwave are all I need these days.

Oh, and high speed internet but I think the satellite folks are finally making that a non issue any more.

Iwantonetoo 2020-06-03 5:39pm

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No bathroom yet. The walls are there. Hubby decided to keep his office in the main house, so that space will become a bathroom eventually.

And I just found this ďbeforeĒ picture. I think Iíll frame and hang it inside.

KJohn 2020-06-04 10:31am

I moved out to a more rural area and I found that I only had one option for cable, and several for satellite, but the satellite rates were horrible for streaming data. Waaaay too expensive for me, for PC use or phone. Not sure how anyone prefers them, maybe I'm missing something and read it all wrong? It's possible. But give me broadband anyday hahaha I'm a internet junkie.
I'd love to see the inside, but I'm also a tiny house junkie and I realize it will look nothing like that. It's just very appealing. Glad you got your space worked out!

Speedslug 2020-06-04 11:32am

I Kristin, the prices are better when they are not the only game in town.

Sometimes you can find one that will download over a satellite but upload over a phone line.

Oh and the prices will have changed in the last 3 or 4 years so if it has been a while it might be worth another look now.

Wndeson 2021-04-14 6:21pm

We paid a local guy (young 20 something) to rip out the "walls" and insulation. He got rid of the bats too

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