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JGarcia 2021-03-01 1:16pm

Beginning of a new studio
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I am fairly new to lampworking. Enchanted by the flame.
Started with a Hot Head just a few months ago. Took a basic bead making class and realized that I needed a torch. Bought the used GTT Bobcat from the shop. Picking up my oxygen concentrator Wednesday. Hope to be setup and melting glass by the weekend. I still need a annealing kiln. Plan to practice for a couple of months before I purchase one. I will need to tweaked the table location and add some ventilation.

Mina 2021-03-01 2:06pm

JGarcia, welcome to the addictions club! Just a thought if you don't mind...Is is possible to place your torch somewhere not in front of the window? IMHO the light might make it difficult to read the flame. And if at some point you torch with the window open it would move your flame.

JGarcia 2021-03-01 3:51pm

Yes I agree. I am probably going to blacken the window for now.

Speedslug 2021-03-01 7:43pm

Welcome to the addiction.

You will want something on the floor under the bench all the way to wall.

Ask me how I know this, go ahead.

Cement backer board is cheap and effective.

ESC 2021-03-06 11:03am

Welcome and remember, have fun!

cheeky monkey 2021-03-21 7:29am

And always keep your propane outside!

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