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Rudy 2018-11-02 1:17pm

Ventilation Question
Anybody out there know if a welding extraction system would work for lampworking. It works like a vacumn. The one I'm looking at notes 875 cfm (413 L/sec.) It's designed to "capture weld fume particles with a cleanable
filter and safely deposits them in an integrated particle bin. I'll try to add a photo momentarily.

Speedslug 2018-11-03 2:02am

Rudy, those things are designed to collect and filter predictable fumes from welding steel and iron and the welding rod flux coatings.

They are not designed to work the heavy / hazardous metals like cadmium, lead and the dozens of other colorants used to give glass the wonderful colors and characteristics that make it useful in lamp working.

If, and its a big if, the filtering system could capture the hazardous fumes from lampworking then you would wind up with a highly contaminated filters that would need to be properly disposed of at a hazardous waste facility.
That will get really spendy really quickly and become a pretty much a night mare for the disposal place because you will have an unknown mix of chemicals that will each have to be treated differently.

You are going to be much better off using the "dispersal and dilution" that a high velocity ventilation system will give you.
There is a great deal of information in the safety conversations here about setting a system up but the theory is that moving a large amount of air from the torch will pull gas burning fumes and the off gassing colorants outside to mix with the air which normal winds will carry away to mix with massive quantities of clean air and this reduces the concentrations down to extremely small amounts that can settle back into the ground in nearly untraceable amounts as long as you are not running a factory producing tonnes of material a year.

But if you don't mix large quantities of air at fast enough velocities then you just wind up spraying it on your lawn and the roofing and side of your house and you wind up with contaminated surfaces that have to properly treated at a hazardous waste facility at great expense.

Another thought is that if such filtering systems worked then the you would see them in use at the larger teaching studios and at commercial glass facilities.

I wish I had better answers but the science shows that the quick fixes just don't work.

Larysa 2018-11-03 10:47am

I have seen similar in studio here
They must be expensive. Saving on heating ?

Speedslug 2018-11-03 6:37pm

Thats news to me.

Rudy 2018-12-16 6:07pm

Did some research and went with the extractor! Best thing EVER!!!!!!!!!

AngelaS 2019-03-08 1:20pm


Originally Posted by Rudy (Post 5018887)
Did some research and went with the extractor! Best thing EVER!!!!!!!!!

Hey there, Rudy! Are you still using your Sentry Air Model 400 fume extractor? Do you still like it? Anything you think someone should know before buying one? Would you mind telling me what you paid for it?

I would be grateful for all or as little as you'd like to share about it as this was the first time I had ever heard of using one for this type of application (or even knew they existed) and I've read *tons* on lamp-work ventilation over the years.
Either way, thanks much for the information you already provided.

AngelaS 2019-03-08 1:24pm

FWIW, here's a study that was done to test how well the extractor works.

AngelaS 2019-03-08 1:25pm


Originally Posted by Larysa (Post 5013212)
I have seen similar in studio here
They must be expensive. Saving on heating ?

Ya, that's what I'm afraid of but maybe I can find a used one for sale. I'll let you know what I find out as I requested a quote from the company Sentry.

Larysa 2019-03-09 8:30am

It is expensive, she also bought a pack of filters with it that should last very long.
But it should be good for saving on heat. Please share what you find out.

Rudy 2019-03-17 6:29pm

I've been using the extractor for the past 3 months...LOVE IT! A bit pricey, but not freezing in the winter, and I won't roast in the summer!

Larysa 2019-03-21 6:50am

Rudy, thank you for letting us know that you like it !
I am considering it for later.
Is it noisy ?

AngelaS 2019-03-21 2:33pm

Thanks Rudy for your input, sounds heavenly. Good question Larysa, I'd like to know if it's quiet too.

As requested the price quote I received for the Sentry model suggested for lampworking costs approximently $3300, plus $300 for filters. This does not include shipping.

Ouch! But I still want one. Heh! Not that I'll be getting one anytime soon unless I can find a used one for sale.

Larysa 2019-03-21 5:18pm

Angela, it looks like the filters is the most important part. I hope they will get less expensive. My new furnace costed less.

Speedslug 2019-03-23 12:50am

I just wonder what I am supposed to do with the filters once they are finished collecting hazardous metals out of the fumes from working colored glass.

Am I supposed to turn it over to a hazardous waste disposal place and how much is that going to cost?

Larysa 2019-03-23 8:23am

That should be in the manual. For now the price is too high anyway.

Rudy 2019-03-26 6:45pm

I was afraid it would be noisy, but compared to my old ventilation system, this baby is a dream. When working with enamel, I set it on high. Otherwise, moderate speed, and the noise level is my opinion. I do love it!

lanbeidebeadsjewellery 2019-03-29 1:34am


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