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KelCorn 2013-09-02 10:42am

Duct size?
I am trying to setup my ventilation. What duct size do I need to use? I called the company that made my range hood but they have not returned my call. the hood is 22" X 30" I was going to use 8" round duct for exhaust and makeup air but I am having a hard time finding 8" wall caps locally but I can get 6" how do I know if 6" will work? I need to finish my setup before the snow starts!

Kelli in AK

cheng076 2013-09-02 11:15am

Basically you can move any amount of gas thru any size duct up to a point of course. BUT as the duct gets smaller the gas must move faster and will require more force or pressure to move it. It will also generate more noise as the duct gets smaller. Short answer is to use the largest duct possible that satisfies the other criteria; fan size and power, tolerable noise, physical constraints, cost, etc. In your case the 6" ducting on a typical range hood would be fine and the cost/availability factor is large.

KelCorn 2013-09-02 12:32pm

Thanks PJ
I normally run the range hood on low 300cfm but have settings for 600cfm and 1000 cfm if needed.

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