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Kevin7191975 2019-03-02 11:38am

2 Stage Torch
I have decided to jump in full force, i have about 700 to work with for a 2 stage torch, started with a bobcat in December. I would love some input, i do not plan on making items bigger then a paragon f120 would hold.

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Subduction 2019-03-02 1:50pm

"about 700 to work with for a 2 stage torch"
Sounds like a used Bravo to me.

BKingery 2019-03-04 3:36pm

I love my Nortel with 2 burners. Great setup. And I use 3 oxygen concentrators instead of tank gas for the smaller torch head. Best to you.

Subduction 2019-03-05 3:25pm

Right, many more (relatively) economical options with an over/under design. Beth Stacks would be attractive to me because Bethlehem seems to design all their stuff to be compatible with concentrators (20 psi for the bigger ones).

Edit: I forgot about the GTT Scorpion, it's a true two-stage for less than $700. (The triple-mix models get all the love.)

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