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Norskiglass 2008-02-13 7:14pm

American Welding Society guest speaker:William Hagy
I had been contacted by a member of the AWS to lecture during one of their meetings coming up on Feb 20th at 6pm. I was contacted to present the members of what lampworking entails,the various levels of the artistic medium, ventilation, fuel & oxygen supply, as well as the different types of bench burners available for use and how they differ from the average welding equipment.

Feel free to PM me for additional details.....

Feb. 20th 6p.m.
245 W Main Ave
Spokane, WA 99201
(509) 624-5226

Micha 2018-01-05 12:05am

I would like to start as a small hobbyist. All I do now is read, roam around places which also acts as a sort of exercise and I sometimes watch some TV. This comprises my leisure time. I had recently completed a tool and die course from a A.W.S affiliated center. Would the course I attended be enough for me to start trying with lamp works? The tool and die welding program even included topic sections on proper procedures for Oxy-Fuel, Plasma, and Carbon Arc Gouging and cutting equipment. Health and Safety for arc welding and cutting and Metallurgy.
Looking forward for a suggestion from your end. My friend was hurt, when he tried something of the like without proper follow-up. I don't want to end up in such accidents, even small.

Looking forward for the minutes prepared for your session, to understand the art and procedure more. :)

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