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Khaleesi Dane 2015-06-26 9:59pm

Need a good versatile flower tutorial, please!
I see several out there, but occasionally hear a reference to one by Ron Bearer, but can not actually find it. I would prefer something downloadable, that teaches different types of flowers, from flat sunflowers to cupped roses or complex iris....

Can anyone suggest their favorites, please, and maybe a link to where I can buy it?


Khaleesi Dane 2015-06-27 6:56am

No one knows of a favorite flower tutorial?......

Tillie 2015-06-27 11:58am

Do a 'search' on this section for flower tutorials. A bazillion will come up, some free, some not free.

Eileen 2015-06-27 6:32pm

Are you talking for beads, or marbles or ???
Ron's are imploded, really nice. You can find the link in his signature R4Glass I think is his name here.

echeveria 2015-06-28 8:28am

I think there is a Soda Lime times back issue you can buy that focuses on florals. Flowers is a pretty broad topic, done many ways. I am not aware of a tutorial that covers lots of styles. Maybe start with the free ones and as your interst focuses, get the one that will suit the style of bead you want to make.

Unless, as Eileen asks, your interest is in implosions. I don't know what may be available for that, but many people find You Tube videos that have what they want on many topics.

Eileen 2015-06-28 12:57pm

Ron just posted a new flower in a thread here, and it is R4GlassStudio.

R4GlassStudio 2016-11-23 4:04pm

Flower Tutorial
PM me for info.
I took down the old web page, but still have tutorials.

CathysCreations 2016-11-25 12:45pm

I like Debs.

beadmama 2016-11-26 7:51am

Ron do you still glass anymore?

Khaleesi Dane 2016-11-28 6:13pm

Hey Ron, thanks! I posted this request over a year ago, and since have scooped a couple tuts, including a few from you! I would have to back thru them, but I believe I have your implosion flower tut! Awesome!

R4GlassStudio 2016-11-29 5:45pm

Yes! I still have a studio and melt glass a few days per week.
With my work schedule, I do not go online as much now.

patsy lee m 2019-08-20 8:54pm

Hi...I just got Deb’s last night! This many years later ��

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