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Claydancr7 2020-01-20 12:01pm

Connecting two torches to vent
This is BACK to GLASS

Let me totally rephrase that first post.

I am sharing/starting a new space with a newbie who doesn't quite understand the importance of good venting for fumes/gases.

There is a hole in the wall, a fan is in there it is an industrial fan, pretty good, however, not quite good enough.

I have a squirrel cage fan, not connected, my questions are two.
How do I connect the two torches to one thing? so they both connect to fan?

I understand cfms and intake/outflow, distance, and corners...

I had a really good system before, unfortunately it is still in the wall of the old studio.. So...

Glasscraft, inc. used to sell a table top vent system that was rated for a Bethlehem cuda, I have looked around for something similar for ease of installation, I found Grainger has a tabletop filter box assembly, but it looks plasticky/rubbery and no cfms even listed...

Any ideas.

Thank you kindly.

Claydancr7 2020-01-20 4:09pm

Connecting two torches to vent
Found all the needed info on the past threads

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