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AVTrout 2017-03-24 12:14pm

Boro Shield Auralens?
Where can I get one of these? Auralens makes them, but when I go to their site it's only glasses. I even searched on the site and nothing comes up. I've used google and can only come up with pics, no shopping options.

Speedslug 2017-03-24 1:06pm

My first thought is to send them an email.

Heck, the owner probably still has a PM address here on LE.

beckd 2017-03-24 6:28pm

Go to ", they have products like you are looking for.

AVTrout 2017-03-31 9:12am

Just a quick update on my quest for this type of shield: I sent an email to Blast Shield, because ideally, that's what I'd like. A Blast Shield with boro protection. But they don't make them. I'm still on the quest! Gotta send an email to Auralens. I'll update when I hear back from them.

Edited: Phillips has an awesome, large one that could most definitely work for me!

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