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OlgaIvashina 2020-01-20 3:46am

Cabachon with planets
What will you learn?

- How to create multicolored round planets 3-5mm;
- How to create stars of silver foil. Learn to apply it properly and turn it into large stars;
- How to work with silver-containing glass. Olga will show how Double Helix Clio glass steadily creates blue translucent galactic nebulae;
- 3D cabochons. How to make multilayer cabochons with two planets inside. How to create a perfect surface and not deform the planets.

The duration of the video is 44 minutes.

About Olga Pasynkova

Olga Pasynkova is a professional commercial lampworker with more than 7 years of experience.
She is the owner of two online shops with thousands of sales and 100% positive reviews.
Annual participant in major international exhibitions Perlen Poesie, Beaders Best, Perlenkunstmesse, Creativmesse.
Her lampwork beads are used in their creations by the most famous jewelry designers from around the world: Elena Markovski, Swetlana Rohloff, Lia Dipaola, Alla Maslennikova, Anna Lindell and many others.

Lives in Munich, Germany.

The duration of the video is 44 minutes. Russian audio with English subtitles.
Level of difficulty - intermediate/advanced.

You'll get a link to view and to download the video in 24Uhr after payment.

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