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Forrestfire918 2019-07-07 7:30am

setup critique and help 2019
Hello my name is Forrest and id like a little advice on my set up ideas. a little background- i played with a hot head torch for a few months in 2015 and moved in 2016 and have only been on a torch twice since. I got a better paying job and want to set up my own lamp working studio in my backyard so i can make marbles, pipes, pendants, beads, sculptures, and possibly dabble in cold working. i have been learning from a local pipe maker but he doesn't teach on his own torch and he doesn't have the best space available to add extra ventilation for a second torch so id like to get something set up at home. I bought a lynx torch with my regulators, flashbacks, 20ft hoses, hose clamps and some tools already.
I also found a 48x58inch vent hood on Facebook marketplace with 12inch ducting and I got it for a steal!! $200 bucks! I will post pictures at the end or in a separate comment if possible. (First post) I am thinking about buying a Can fan "Can Max Fan Mixed Flow Inline Fan, 12-inch 1709 CFM per minute" on amazon for $300 bucks. I hoping Dale or Mike chip in and say something along the lines of thats not enough fan to hood ratio like i think they may but that is kind of expected. According to my calculations I was able to calculate based on both Dale and Mikes formulas is that ill need a fan that moves 2000 CFM to be adequate for this hood? am I right or wrong? can i get away with a 1709 cfm fan with a 48x58inch hood? if that fan is not adequate I was considering altering my vent hood with a 6'x58' inch piece of sheet metal either stick to the hood with magnets or welded that way it changes the size of the face opening for the vent hood down to 42x58 and has a face opening of 16.9 and would require a vent fan pulling 1700cfm? which would be ideal? I have two options for my setup at home. Option 1- use the existing 9.5x9.5 shed in the back yard. Option 2-buy a new shed specifically for Lampworking. I decided option 1 would be easiest so I started the process of stripping the shed of its possessions and going on a wild spider killing spree that lasted a few days actually lol we had a lot of stuff in the shed that is currently now living in the garage until I can unload it on some unsuspecting victim at a garage sale lol As I as clearing out the shed I realized there is water damage on parts of the back roof and definitely on the back wall. water seams to be seeping in behind a warped wall paned and its rotted out the back of a 2x4 and along the bottom back wall. it doesn't look super moldy but we have been getting a lot of heavy rain in oklahoma this year and I think that is speeding up the process. I guess the only way to fix this shed currently is to replace the siding and maybe that 2x4 and reseal around the shed and cross my fingers that does the job for another 10 years or i could really just buy a new dedicated space for lamp working. in oklahoma if the space is 200sqft or under you only need an $80 permit to do so and its not difficult to get and sheds are all over the place in oklahoma i could get a really nice tall shed for around 5K. I have the ability to go both routes i just kind of want some advice am i on the right track? which idea sounds better? I'm going to have to invest heavy in either plan but the outcome is the same, own a lamp working studio so i can learn in my backyard at my
convenience! :D Other things to add, Ill bee using tanked propane and oxygen, i plan on piping my propane through the shed wall with a z style black gas grade pipe, i plan on keeping the flashbacks at the tanks, oxygen tank will be kept inside, ill be building a little wood box with vents for the propane outside and ill be using a pool noodle to cover the exposed T grade propane hose coming from the metal nipple off the outside end of the black steel pipe to the flashbacks, to the regulator, than tank. I also plan on using both a window and maybe the door of the shed for my fresh air intakes. i may also add a window unit for ac after i have deemed my fresh air intake adequate. and the ac will not interfere with the fresh air coming over my shoulders or i won't have the ac. i also plan on having an electrician help wire a few extra plugs in wither shed for kiln and lighting. I'm going led lights and id like to get a jen ken kiln or a chili pepper to start off. side note, it would not let me upload photos because file was to big. let me figure out how to shrink file size on iPhone x and will upload in the comments!!

Forrestfire918 2019-07-17 5:48am

Any replies would be greatly appreciated!!

Larysa 2019-07-17 7:50am

Forrestfire, there are a few studio projects with pictures on this forum.
Congrats on your new hobby :) !

Subduction 2019-07-17 2:01pm

Forrest, I'm an old man and solid blocks of text make my eyes hurt (and I have the beginning of macular pucker).
Check also:

Eileen 2019-07-17 2:45pm

I am not technically gifted, but hope it all works great for you!

dragonart glass 2019-07-18 10:19pm

Wow Forrest it sounds like you have really done a lot fo research. I think you are off to a great start. Do smoke tests once you have your ventilation installed, and do your best to be diligent. I've gone from working on my back porch to a leaky trailer to now having a good studio. It's all a progression and you do what you can. Personally, I would spend money on glass and classes and enjoy the melting glass just for the sake of melting glass. Welcome to the addiction!!

Forrestfire918 2019-07-24 7:51pm

Update #1
I finally figured out how to resize photos!! Here we go! Iíll keep you updated with progress. Buying fan and kiln tomorrow night.

Bellagirl 2019-08-01 5:37pm

I put my shop on back porch of mobile home. Ran ducting for ventilation thru floor and up my table. Propane on/off is outside in gutted hose reel holder and run thru wall. Since my space so small I used pegboard for rod storage by zip tying lg pvc fillings to pegboard.

If you need ventilation help there are instructions on Andrea Guarrino web page

Good luck

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