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R4GlassStudio 2011-01-31 7:05am

Rocio has been working on other projects, so I think the soft glass one could be a few months out.

R4GlassStudio 2011-01-31 7:05am

Rose 2011-01-31 9:28am

I would like to chime in here and tell everyone that the tutorial is fabulous! But I must say, Ron goes the extra step if you need a question answered. This tutorial would work just as well for soft glass, you just need to use your imagination for color combos. Thank you Ron!

karin 2011-02-01 11:49am

Have not had a chance to try out the tutorial yet, but it looks wonderful. And I got my marble yesterday - oooh, to be able to do something like that, even as lovely simple a flower!

Tropical Heat 2011-02-02 3:36pm

I was very happy when I received the tutorial with all the wonderful information......I was thrilled when I opened a box that came in the mail today and found the marble Ron sent me!!!!!!!!!!!! I had forgotten about it so that made it that much more of a surprise! The marble is Huge, 1 1/4 inches, and the blue flower is out of this world! Thank you so very much Ron!

R4GlassStudio 2011-02-03 6:30am

Thanks everyone!
I have been making marbles non-stop for the past few weeks. The next update will have a few versions of the Morning Glory flower which will also teach a new tenchnique. Of course, there will also be a few more color combos shown as well.
Thanks for the feedback and please keep in touch with questions and pics of what you are making!

R4GlassStudio 2011-02-04 6:25am

An update is going to be mailed on Feb 5th (Sunday).

R4GlassStudio 2011-02-07 8:31am

The add-on is going out now. This one has Morning Glory flowers, how to use dots vrs twisty canes, double layering to create texture and most of all.... pastel pink flowers.

theglasszone 2011-02-07 10:00am

Oh, yummie! :)

Glassy 2011-02-09 6:24pm

Sent you a pm :waving:

R4GlassStudio 2011-02-10 11:54am

using reflective blue........

R4GlassStudio 2011-03-04 8:26am

new color combo

j2canoe 2011-03-04 2:30pm

I couldn't wait!! I had to get this one too!! WOW!! This is one HECK of a Tutorial!! :) I was so excited to get it that I read it before I left work and couldn't wait to get home!!! I'm going to try Ron's techniques in 104 and see what happens!! GREAT TUT!!! I can hardly wait for Roccio's too!!! I still can't get over how clearly illustrated and written this tut is!!!! Thanks, Ron!! :)

j2canoe 2011-03-04 4:27pm

It DOES work in 104!!! :)

Bobbo 2011-03-06 12:39pm

What a stunningly good tutorial!!

At first sight it doesn't seem to have that much content but just sit and read it all the way through and be amazed at all the gems of information it contains.

So much is now crystal clear that I was a bit hazy on and so much that I just didn't know.

This tutorial should come with it's own light bulb for you to hold over your head for the many a-ha moments it contains.

Can't recommend highly enough,


R4GlassStudio 2011-03-08 11:50am

Thanks for the feedback!
I had a request for "reds" so another update will be coming out soon.

PerfectDeb 2011-03-13 1:03am

Wow,didn't know this was available, mne mine mine!

R4GlassStudio 2011-03-14 6:58am

a few more reds...

R4GlassStudio 2011-04-05 7:38am

hannahbeads 2011-04-10 6:19am

Hi Ron
I have a minor and tanked oxy. Would these techniques work with this set up? I have been able to make "Mr.Smiley" hearts (about 1 1/4 x 3/4 inch). I hope you say yes, because I'm getting hooked on my limited supply of boro.


JesterGlass 2011-04-11 6:24am

Yes, you can make them with a tanked Minor.

R4GlassStudio 2011-04-11 9:00am

Hannahbeads... Not sure if I answered this in another thread. Yes... the minor can make marbles 3/4 up to 1 1/8" very well... and 1 1/4" with a little extra time.
JesterGlass, Thanks for answering too.
PS- The last add-on of reds went out this moring.
Thanks Everyone!

cheng076 2011-05-15 8:26am

It's been about a month or even more and I haven't received my marble.

hannahbeads 2011-05-18 1:29pm

I'm looking forward to getting my marble as well. In the meantime, I'm trying to get all the different glass colors to try new flowers.

R4GlassStudio 2011-05-20 6:29am

I have lots of marbles shipping each day and have a backlog of 26 right now. By Monday (5/23), I'll be shipping on May 16th orders.

cheng076 2011-05-30 1:42pm

Two more weeks gone by and no marble....

R4GlassStudio 2011-06-01 1:42pm

cheg076... sending you a pm. I need your address so I can look into your marble shipping.

cheng076 2011-06-08 9:57am

I received the marble in yesterday's mail. Thank you. It is great. I was wondering how you got the underside of the outer layer of petals to be solid green when the petals are striated. Double petal lines? And what green did you use. It appears to be one of the sparkly greens which are usually very difficult to deep incase without checking.
Thanks pjh

R4GlassStudio 2011-06-09 11:09am

oh..... top secret, but PMing you the info now.

ginkgoglass 2011-07-03 6:42am

I just got my marble in the mail and it is absolutely gorgeous!!
Thank you so much. I had completely forgotten about it so it was a really nice surprise.

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