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SerendipityArtGlass 2011-07-15 7:46pm

I'm doing backflips! This tut is so great. Can't wait to receive my free marble! (hint**I like pansies and/or daisies lol!)

R4GlassStudio 2011-11-10 6:10am

I started working on a new add-on for this. Look for it over the next few weeks.

dweezil 2011-11-10 10:23am

Hurray!!!! Would it happen to include vortex type updates?

Just asking. :)

Signguy 2011-11-13 7:25pm

Hi Ron,

Are you still catching up on the marbles to go with the tuts? How far out are you from the tut order date?

Can't wait to get mine!


R4GlassStudio 2011-12-29 7:24am

HI everyone.... There was a mad rush on marbles this month, so I changed the tutorial to $24.95 which does not come with a marble. Once I catch up, I'll offer the free marble version again.
Thanks and Happy New Year!

Signguy 2011-12-29 8:41am

Hi Ron,

I second the request...

It would be most excellent if you came out with either a new tut, or an expansion of this one, which included more marble types (like the vortex, etc.). I for one would be first in line to buy it!

vira 2011-12-29 11:44pm

Hi Ron, I paid the original price and didn't get a marble. So please don't forget me when you post the update!! Thanks

R4GlassStudio 2011-12-30 6:24am

Still catching up on marbles.... If you haven't seen one in the next week, please PM me.
The add on is tube implosions with fuming, but, I can add another one on vortex too.
Happy New Year Everyone!

PennyLane 2011-12-30 7:11am

So when will we see the add-on's? So looking forward to this, and yes I know your busy.

Brandywine 2012-01-07 2:22pm

Worth the price!!!
Hi Ron,

I am looking forward to the tut updates. Thanks for all your efforts!

For those of you wondering, Rons implosion tutorial is definitely worth the price and then some.

Here are some pics of the wonderful Marble I got with mine:

Nice work Ron! Thanks.

Kirima 2012-01-24 5:20am

Hi Ron

Thank you so very much for the great tutorial and your marvelous :-) marble:


pierces*designs 2012-01-30 11:20am

Does it take awhile to get the tut?

I ordered Saturday morning.

I know it is only Monday afternoon, but I am worried I missed something.

Delilah57 2012-01-30 1:54pm

Great Minds and all that...I also ordered this yesterday and was wondering how long it took.

R4GlassStudio 2012-02-06 1:34pm

The new add-on went out today. If you didn't see it, please let me know.
Tube Implosions!

glassymom 2013-02-05 11:48pm

Finally Finally Finally!!! I just purchased your tutorial Ron and I cant wait to see it in my inbox!!! WOO HOOOOOO. I wish so much I could make the trip over to take your class but unfortunately that is just not in the cards at this time...........Some day tho!!! :)

R4GlassStudio 2013-02-06 12:00pm

Keep in touch and let me know how you do. I hope you make it out this way sometime.

glassymom 2013-02-06 1:29pm

Thanks Ron! I kept checking for it then realized it goes to my other email using paypal. Just found it and I can't wait to get this open!!! :) Thank you!
Yea, I was out there for the party you had over the summer and LOVED watching you make the spider. Your tortoise was quite entertaining also! I will make it over for a class one of these years!! :)

helensharvest 2013-02-07 11:20am

Thanks for imploding my brain into the glass. I've been only concerned w/ the surface, but it's a whole different animal diving into clear.

If you're still giving marbles, roll one my way, eh?

Here are my primitive first efforts, and I'd like to ask... besides keeping my flowers centered, smashing too hard on the marver, could too much top glass be magnifying the center too much? Should I remove some to make the center stand up more, or just implode more?

Also, can I add extra glass to the rim if I need more area to add leaves or another petal layer? Working w/ 104?

Thanks, Helen

glassymom 2013-02-08 9:17pm

2 Attachment(s)
I made my first one last night. I only read the first part of the tutorial figuring I would take it slow! Never in a million years would I have figured a few things out! SO glad I got this Ron!!! Heres my first one using your tutorial!

This was SO awesome!!! Thank you!

helensharvest 2013-02-10 9:03pm

It's beautiful, Mom...I've been practicing all weekend...aren't they so fun?
Thanks again, Ron!

glassymom 2013-02-10 9:44pm

Thank you Helen! Yes, I Love them! I have all mine, other than the ones I've given away, in a crystal bowl and I can't help but pick them up, shove a few in my pocket, play with them......Its just SO awesome!! I dont' know about anyone else but when I have done a few with 104 I have added more clear to the edges. I work really small and sometimes although it seems huge to me, I get going on it and realize there is no room so I've added more clear. I haven't tried it with boro, just 104. :)

Beatrix92 2013-02-13 9:21am

Was a soft glass version ever released? I would love to get it if it did!

labelleperle 2013-02-15 10:31pm

Bought this last night, so really looking forward to getting it and playing! :)

helensharvest 2013-02-18 9:56am

No, Bea, but it works w/ our 104, too. Thinking about adding a button shank to the back of one today.;)

firebreathingdragon 2013-02-27 9:34am

I may have to get this tutorial as well then, I love the imploded floral marbles... they are so mysterious.

labelleperle 2013-02-28 5:20pm

Just got back from vacation and realised that I still haven't received my tute which I paid for 2 weeks ago. Does anyone know if Ron has been away or if there are any problems for him? I have emailed him directly, and I'm sure it's just an oversight, but I wanna play with marbles lol!!

labelleperle 2013-03-02 10:52am

Just a follow up from my previous post, Ron had sent the tute to me but somehow it got lost in the ether. He has resent it for me, which was very good of him and it is a great tutorial. I am now looking forward to playing with marbles. Thanks for the service Ron, and the great tute :)

fourpawsglass 2013-03-27 5:10pm


Originally Posted by R4GlassStudio (Post 3887548)
The new add-on went out today. If you didn't see it, please let me know.
Tube Implosions!

How can I get a copy of this?

Thanks. Tracey

bepnewt 2013-03-28 6:22am


Originally Posted by fourpawsglass (Post 4279499)
How can I get a copy of this?

Thanks. Tracey

If you have purchased the original implosions tutorial, you should have received this add-on. Also, it may already be at the end of the one you received. This was an old thread recently revived - the tube section was added to the tutorial in February of 2012.

If you did purchase the original and don't have the tube add-on, email or PM Ron and he will send it to you.

Edit: And if you never purchased the original tutorial from him, then contact Ron to buy it.


fourpawsglass 2013-03-28 12:27pm

Thank you Brian! I did purchase the original but never received the add on. I will let Ron know.

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