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whimzicalities 2015-04-21 8:32am

Scientific glass questions
I was gifted a large amount of vintage scientific glass, all clear glass...over 200 lbs. Most of it is 6mm rod, but there's a fairly large amount of tubing as well. Labels indicate that the 6mm rod is Kimble brand flint glass (46480) which several people have said is COE 93. Some of the tubing (46470) was labeled and wrapped, but there is also some in diameters from 6mm to 13mm which is mixed in Fisher Scientific boxes.

I've spoken/messaged a number of glass folks who've worked with scientific glass and they suggest that it is soft glass, about COE 93, but I'm hoping for something more definitive regarding frit compatibility and annealing schedules. My kiln is currently programmed for 104. Anyone have any thoughts?

I'll be testing this at SGI and am hoping for more info to share with the folks I'll share the glass with...thanks in advance!

shawnette 2015-04-21 10:58am

Kimble still makes that part number. You can call them and get a definitive answer. If it's 90-108COE, you don't need to change your annealing schedule.

whimzicalities 2015-04-21 12:18pm

Thanks, Shawnette. I read in a post on Warm Glass that it had been discontinued. I'll follow up with Kimble.

glassmaker 2015-04-26 9:39am

Essentially the same glass as Kimble R6, which has a COE of 93 from 20-300C and an annealing point of 522C (971F). Should have pretty good compatibility with most German colored furnace rods (Kugler, etc.) except for cadmium-selenium colors. Cadmium-selenium colors encompass a range from yellow/orange/red.

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