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glassmaker 2016-06-02 7:11pm

StrikingColor Glass sale
There is finally some new StrikingColor silver glass cane in my ArtFire store. I'll be adding some more through the weekend too. Everything is 15% through this weekend and 10% off after that, until June 19.

528BTSA (first three photos) and MG2 (last photo)


Eileen 2016-06-02 9:11pm


Chocake 2016-06-03 7:06am

OOOohh, I want!!

How well does your glass work on a HH?? What does it take to coax up those gorgeous colors?

Speedslug 2016-06-03 8:32am

Its been a while since I have been through this whole thread but I would bet there is an answer to your questions in here somewhere.

Shabrea 2016-06-03 11:56am

Chocake it is a striking glass so it needs more oxygen than a Hot head gives to bring out the colors. Some people have been able to bring out some color in some batches but nothing like a dual fuel torch will.

Speedslug 2016-06-03 2:18pm

Alli was able to get some color out of one of Brads glasses on a hot head back in April of '13.

Harry86 2020-12-30 6:57am

Good Work on it

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