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glassmaker 2017-01-30 8:46pm

StrikingColor glass is available
If anyone is interested, there is some short-irregular StrikingColor cane and some discounted shards in my Etsy store right now. I've been trying to round up and clean out the odds and ends in my shop in anticipation of my landlord possibly selling the property where I live and work, which would force me to move. This is most of the remaining glass I have. The photos below show some beads made with these glasses. The link at the bottom of this post will take you to my shop.


lotusbunny2009 2017-01-31 9:35am

YAAAAAYYYYYY!! I got a couple of pounds of Striking Color glass!!!! Better late than never?! It seems like I was always missing out (my fault for being late to the party). I have admired your glass and the lovely beads other have made with it. Here's to hoping Brad can continue production :happy:

glassmaker 2017-01-31 3:30pm


Thanks Karen. Your glass will go out tomorrow morning. I hope it works very well for you.

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