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ejralph 2012-11-05 12:27pm

Polymer Clay Tutorial - Illuminare Beads by Emma Ralph
Hi all

I'm not sure if I am allowed to post here about my polymer clay tutorial? But I know that many people here like to dabble in polymer clay as well as glass.

Just wanted to let you all know that my polymer clay e-book is now ready and available for immediate download.

The book contains two full beadmaking tutorials for my Illuminare and Clarice polymer clay beads and loads of other useful info on shaping and finishing clay to perfection. I'm offering it at a special 20 % discount from my online store until Christmas.

Thanks for looking!


Mitosis Glass 2012-11-05 3:59pm

Those are fantastic! I'm off to check those out!

ejralph 2012-11-05 5:16pm

Oh thank you Angie!

Anyone who has a mustachioed axolotl for an avatar is my sort of person - so very flattered you like the look of my beadies!


theglasszone 2012-11-05 9:54pm

Oh my - these look gorgeous!!! :)

ejralph 2012-11-06 2:13am

Oh thank you DeAnne!


bexrox 2012-11-09 4:30pm

These are lovely! Since I've started in glass, I never touch my clay anymore, and have been thinking of selling all my PC supplies and equipment... Sometimes seeing a PC artist's work makes me hold off for a bit longer... like now! If I ever pull em out of storage again, I'll be looking at that tut. Looks great!

ejralph 2012-11-09 5:50pm

Oh thank you for the compliment Becky!

I find I have less time for clay these days, it is true! I actually make beads from polymer clay, glass and ceramic clays. I keep thinking I should just stop being a jack-of-all-trades and focus on one medium, but the thought of giving up any of them completely just would make me sad I think! Even if I don't get to play with one type of material for a long while, I still like to know it is there waiting for me!

iloveglass 2012-11-11 11:23am


ejralph 2012-11-12 9:27am

Thank you so much!


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