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Green With Envy Beads 2016-02-07 9:04pm

Burning red!
I have a mini cc, m-15 Oxycon, and propane. I can't seem to get the settings correct, because I am burning my red and turning it to brown and burning my turquoise. I have tried 5 to 10, 3 to 8, 4 to 8... Please help.

ESC 2016-02-08 6:24am

Burning your red doesn't have much to do with your settings, but with how long you work it. The longer in the flame, the more liver colored.
As to the other issue, I was taught that gold pink is the canary you should use to set your flame. If it gets the least bit reduction, it turns metallic. If you can keep it translucent, it's oxidizing.

Green With Envy Beads 2016-02-08 8:40am

I didn't work it in the flame for very long before I encased it.

Speedslug 2016-02-08 11:17am

Less heat and further out from the torch face are my suggestions.

Work it really as cool as you can, heating it just enough to get to move.

It is really easy to burn the color giving chemicals right out of some colors of glass before we ever get it on a mandrel.

Sue in Maine 2016-02-08 12:46pm

Work further out in the flame. Seriously, move it on out... and keep an eye on your hands because they WILL gravitate slowly back to the hot part of the flame with your bead. I swear the hands have a mind of their own!

The sweet spot is further out in the flame than you think.


Green With Envy Beads 2016-02-10 6:26am

Thank you for the suggestions. I just bought a new regulator and I will be cleaning out my torch. I also bought a new filter for my OxyCon. Maybe with your suggestions and all of this I can stop burning beads!

dusty 2016-02-10 6:08pm

Your concentrator may not be putting out pure O2. No easy way to test that I know of.

Speedslug 2016-02-10 7:44pm

I do know that if you run the knob on an oxycon right up to the maximum that you can get less purity than if you set it to say the 4 out of 5 or the 9 out of 10 position.

Most medical grade oxycons have built in sensors that will cause an alarm if the percentage gets below 92% ( I think, it could be as low as 90% or as high as 94%). Shawnette will know.

marcuscarr 2016-02-12 12:58pm

I am fighting this same issue. You are not alone!

I am going to attempt the working far out in the flame and see if my little red and white mushroom actually ends up red and white, not rust and white.

Noelford 2016-02-13 4:08pm

I have had the same issues with red. So I just stopped using it. With have to try it out again.

Thanks for the info!!

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