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Ravenesque 2016-09-29 2:42am

Red + Raku advice
Years ago I made 'normal' frit beads of red rolled in raku, nothing fancy. Now when I try it's more of a black with red :/ A woman saw some old beads of mine and asked if I could make more. Back then I was on a HH, would it matter that much? I would think it would be the opposite honestly. I've tried working cool, fast, slow, nothing is helping.

Should I try some 96 red? Any of you know of a red to try? Hopefully one that is not a limited CIM lol. I mostly only use effetre dark red 436 ever so not sure if the formula has changed or what.

dusty 2016-09-29 4:16am

Raku's always interacted with warm colors for me. You might try it on a hot head, if you've still got one - low heat does keep some interactions like that to a minimum.

asimeral 2016-09-29 5:41pm

My favorite is CIM Sangre with raku. I use a Bethlehem Barracuda. They're beautiful.

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KJohn 2016-09-29 5:47pm

Depends what kind of red. I had a similar experience once, where a customer wanted some older red beads with raku. I couldn't for the life of me do them where they were not black. I think low heat is key. I have also tried red transparent but I think the best might be to encase the reds, which I haven't tried yet but clearly would work the best.

Otherwise, I think i had the most luck with Eff. Light red, and roll in the frit after shaping, at the very last minute and just heating it in. You might also try Gaffer "raku" Chalcedony frit. I didn't have that at the time and it is not as brown/taupe, but I find it to be less reactive than iris orange. HTH

Ravenesque 2016-09-30 1:41am

hmm, ok thanks guys! A few things to try. These are tiny so I can't encase unfortunately.
Sometimes I really miss that HH for some of the reactions/non reactions.

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